What to expect at CES 2017

Written by: Quentin Samelson CES 2017 is only a few weeks away, and it is already getting a lot of attention. It is easily the largest trade show in America, with attendance approaching 200,000 over four days. For those four days (January 5th through the 8th ) the show dominates Las Vegas, with most hotel rooms […]

Are your manufacturing processes stuck in the 90s?

If Rip van Winkle’s great-great-great-grandson were a manufacturing engineer in an electronics factory and went into his own 20-year slumber in 1997, I have the feeling that he could go right back to work when he wakes up in 2017. He wouldn’t see the enormous disruption that his namesake experienced in the late 18th century […]

A Framework for Supply Chain Investments

It’s early in the year, and many companies are trying to work out where they should make strategic investments. In supply chain management, the range of potential solutions or new capabilities can seem overwhelming. Even describing the number of options is challenging – how do you choose between such disparate solutions as, say, building a […]

Can Blockchain and Cognitive Analytics yield higher demand forecasting accuracy?

Written by: Jaime Marijuán Castro In the electronics industry nowadays, the average gross value of inventory (all types) as a percentage of revenue is 9,58 % (*), a pretty high ratio and proves that the cost of inventory is a matter of concern within the industry. High levels of inventory can be tackled in multiple ways, […]

Aiding an Aging Society with Cognitive Smart Homes

Written by: Martin Kienzle In my previous blog, I shared how data produced by connected devices in smart homes can be mined for value with cognitive computing. In this blog, I want to explore how the cognitive smart home can help address one of the world’s biggest challenges: aging. Improving the quality of life of our […]

Cognitive Computing: An Essential Part of Every Smart Home

Written by: Martin Kienzle Today, the Internet of Things is making the promise of a “smart home” a reality, as sensors and actuators are increasingly integrated into devices and appliances in the home, from door locks to kitchen appliances, and beyond. The signals from these sensors provide rich data that helps us establish and monitor a home’s […]

Cognitive Transformation Loves Agile

It’s been two years since IBM introduced the Watson business unit and the new business environment called “The Cognitive Era”. There have been many companies who started applying cognitive technologies into their businesses, but not so many have transformed their business in a fundamental way.  Some have done well and some have struggled. I would […]

Connected Medical Devices Are at the Heart of Patient Treatment

Medical devices are becoming more versatile and more connected, and they are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. This has many potential benefits: improved patient monitoring, faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment, better device design and performance, and improved global healthcare research and analysis. By making their devices more connected, manufacturers can […]

Why your company’s warranty management processes matter

It’s mid-November, when most companies are finalizing their goals and strategies for the coming year. Chances are that most of the strategy development is focused on products to be launched, sales and marketing plans to ensure that customers buy those products, and supply chain plans to ensure that the products are available to ship to […]

Choosing The Right Analytics For Your Data

How do you choose the right data analytics for your electronics business? Corporates in Electronics industry have long strived to understand what’s going on with their operations, clients, industry, market, and even outpace competitions using available data at hand. Data is absolutely critical since it might tell many unknown stories, imply many undiscovered truths, and […]

Now Everyone’s a Data Scientist. Watson Analytics – Cognitive Analytics at your Fingertips

Let me exemplify how Watson Analytics is putting the power of Cognitive Analytics at your fingertips. Business Pain-point Joanne is a maintenance manager who is responsible for managing multiple manufacturing sites across North America and Asia. A major part of her job is to gain timely insights into operations like: Which type of failures result in […]

The IoT will help Service Providers Reinvent Client Relationships

The number of smart, connected, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices will explode over the next few years. For product manufacturers and service delivery organizations, this provides an opportunity, and a challenge. They will need to develop new business models that can leverage the deeper insights and data analysis the IoT can provide and to […]

Order To Cash challenges for a XaaS delivery model

The Internet of Things poses both an unique opportunity and an unprecedented challenge to those that are on the quest of IoT’izing the World. The focus is on the creation of new revenue streams but sometimes they neglect the importance of a strong delivery model. “The opportunity to thrive in an IoT world hinges largely […]