If you care about automation, here are 5 things to explore at Think 2018

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IBM Automation Think 2018There’s never been a better time to unleash automation at your business. Whether you’re automating your bank’s account opening process or quickly configuring a new app for customer service, your ability to automate manual tasks helps your organization grow at scale. Scale means your company serves more clients more consistently. When you can apply automation to create a great experience, you can focus on delighting more of your clients.

Ridesharing trips represent 15 percent of all weekday trips in San Francisco, which is 12 times more than taxi trips. Let’s forget about the oft-quoted business model innovation here and just look at the potential unlocked by automation an app that automates the process for being driven from place A to B and paying for it. Not only that, the same app that works in San Francisco works just as well in Madrid and in Bangalore. The ability to automate effectively translates to the ability to scale and serve the entire world.

Think for a minute: what might be possible if automation could be applied in the same way to mortgage lending?

Here at IBM, we aim to further push the boundaries of automation. While looking at scenarios where our clients are building business applications, we found that they’re looking to automate complete customer journeys to create a differentiating experience for their consumers. Whether it’s claims processing, loan origination or patient care management, there are workflows you need to manage that require a rich and essential set of documents. To help clients build complete solutions we’re doing the hard work to combine our business process management (BPM), business rules and enterprise content management (ECM) portfolios together in a single digital business automation software platform.

We’ve also brought together our software and services teams to create IBM Automation, a complete set of software capabilities and industry expertise to help clients advance their automation journey.

2018 is a marquee year for automation at IBM. We’ll have some exciting new capabilities that we’ll be showcasing at Think 2018. If you’re interested in automation, here are five things you shouldn’t miss at the conference:

  1. Attend the digital business automation keynote in the Business and AI Campus to hear from clients such as Banco Galicia about their automation journey. IBM executives Gene Chao and Mike Gilfix will share their viewpoints on intelligent automation and the launch of the new IBM Automation brand.
  2. Be inspired by excellent client stories. For example, KeyBank will discuss how it leveraged IBM Content Manager OnDemand to improve customer service.
  3. See why robotic process automation (RPA) is so hot today. Learn how the IBM view of digital labor integrates robotics with all types of automation including workflows, content capture and decision management, extending the benefits of RPA even further.
  4. Find out how to handle the full spectrum of workflows from highly scalable, structured work to ad hoc and case-based workflows in a solution tightly integrated with content sources.
  5. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to grow your skills. There will be demos, labs, tech talks and IBM automation experts on hand to help you plan your next game-changing automation project.

Come explore where automation can take your business. Join us at Think 2018 in March.

Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Digital Business Automation

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