IBM SmartCloud for System z - z/OS

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IBM SmartCloud for System z - z/OS

Mainframe enterprise cloud (IaaS): The ultimate cloud, delivering cost effective managed infrastructure to securely run your business

The Global Technology Services (GTS) offering provides resilient system z technology for clients to run their business and application workloads. A securely designed system is provided by isolating clients from each other using system z virtualization logical partitioning (LPAR) technology. This cloud infrastructure is housed within secure IBM world-class data centers, enabling customers to avoid capital outlays for hardware and reduce software expenditures, while positioning toward a more flexible pay-for-use financial model.

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Getting started with IBM SmartCloud for System z - z/OS

If you want to understand how IBM SmartCloud for System z - z/OS can help you achieve competitive advantage by providing a flexible pricing model with reduced operational risk, please contact:

Martin C Van Der Meer (BeNeLux)
Sally Knight (UK)
Jay W Roston (North America)
Aldo Gallone (Canada)
Rosemary Walker (Canada)
Juergen Loeb (Europe)

Douglas Hilken (Global)

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