Accelerate your support experience with the cognitive, AI-powered help desk.

In today’s digital workplace, users are working across virtual, physical and connected environments — it’s all about user choice and seamless integration of mobile in the workplace

Digital workplace services from IBM can help enhance your enterprise mobility. With new technologies and innovative models, you can build a digital workplace with better, more personalized customer interactions and a multi-device, collaborative employee environment. Our services include workplace modernization and workplace support services powered by Watson™ cognitive technology.

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Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson provides an AI-powered service desk that is always available, has a high resolution rate and cuts down on the number of service requests that must be routed to a live agent.



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AI-powered service desk

Always available. Remembers user preferences. Learns from every interaction, moving the needle on user satisfaction as it goes.

“Using Watson intelligence and cloud-based tools, IBM can provide secure, personalized support across virtual, physical, and connected environments.”

Services offered

Workplace Modernization Services

Build a user-centric environment. Create a digital workplace that enables choice of device, drives superior experiences and boosts productivity.

Workplace Support Services with Watson

Exceed user and workplace support expectations. Watson enables the delivery of personalized support — anytime, anywhere — for faster resolution.

What's new

New offering: Digital Workplace as a Service

Small and midsize companies now can manage device procurement, collaboration and user support from a single screen.

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Strategy and Offering Manager, IBM Workplace Support Services

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Global Portfolio Executive, IBM Digital Workplace Services

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Associate Partner (CTO) Digital Workplace Services UKI

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VP, IBM Digital Workplace Services