Software-Defined Storage for Dummies

Software-defined storage (SDS) is an approach to building storage that places a layer of software between storage and applications in order to help manage data growth and enable multicloud flexibility.

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Why software-defined storage?

Organizations like the University of Rochester Medical Center and Plenty of Fish rely on SDS to underpin core applications and improve user experience Your data needs to be available, accurate, reusable, protected and performing in today’s data-driven enterprise. SDS is the key to achieving that.


faster system response times


months to start seeing ROI

We put together business cases for a range of solutions, and IBM Storage came out on top - again…With software-defined storage solutions from IBM, we can be certain about where our data is stored. And that we can access it whenever we need it.

Haytham Abbas, Infrastructure Director, Fawry,

Fawry pleases customers, thanks to SDS

Fawry processes 2 million daily financial transactions, providing Egyptians with an easy, secure payment alternative to most of the country’s slow, fragmented, complex payment procedures.

With the help of software-defined storage from IBM, Fawry has increased customer satisfaction and sped up the roll-out of new services by accommodating rapid data growth and supporting data science initiatives that aim to generate deeper customer insights.

IBM Spectrum Storage provides solutions for every need

Improve the way you manage, protect and store data with IBM Spectrum Storage™, which includes SDS products for business needs big and small. The products share a common design, which helps speed their deployment and adoption.

With IBM Spectrum Storage, you’ll meet the demands of a data-driven infrastructure by gaining the tools to manage all of your data, wherever it resides.

SDS toolkit

Check out the resources below in order to learn more about SDS and how it can transform your business by putting your data to work.

The Case for SDS

SDS is key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of private/public cloud resources. Learn more about why businesses are betting big on digital transformation and SDS.


Read the use case examples of clients utilizing SDS across various industries so that you can better understand current organizational capabilities and challenges. By the end of this guide, you should be able to identify specific business objectives to be achieved by implementing an SDS solution in you enterprise.

SDS case studies

University of Rochester Medical Center

Find out why URMC uses IBM FlashSystem technology to deliver high availability and performance for clinical and research applications, supporting high-quality patient outcomes and accelerating innovation.

Plenty of Fish

Discover how Plenty of Fish is able to allow its customers to connect and interact practically in real time thanks to IBM all-flash storage technologies, enabling the company to push information to customers at high speeds.

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