What IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud® Paks Can Do

Bring data services to container environments with a flexible, software-defined storage solution for hybrid cloud. IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks provides the combined power of open source with Red Hat data services and award-winning IBM software-defined storage offerings designed to simplify the deployment of IBM Cloud Pak solutions while enabling a reliable and efficient storage foundation across your hybrid cloud.


Key features of IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Enable software-defined storage for Red Hat OpenShift

Build any Red Hat OpenShift container environment with a complete software-defined storage infrastructure foundation and the data resources you choose.

Choose your data resources

Choose file, block or object storage for your container data services and deploy new data resources where and when they’re needed.

Build new applications

Transform and move to the cloud for a competitive advantage by using modern processes to build new applications and modernize legacy applications.

Optimize cloud deployments

Each IBM Cloud Pak includes containerized IBM middleware on top of a common integration layer, helping to reduce development time and operational expenses.

Gain support for unstructured data

The CSI open initiative provides an easy-to-deploy, self-service way to provision data and provides an optimized parallel data path to high performance storage.

Quickly deploy persistent data resources

Abstract storage configuration complexities from applications and provision persistent storage based on classes of storage, predefined to comply with business SLAs.

Speed up container storage provisioning

IBM supports the CSI open initiative for its block and file offerings: IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks, Spectrum Scale, IBM FlashSystem and DS8900F.

Use the recommended solution for IBM Cloud Paks

Simplify setup with a default storage layer for persistent data and get an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to the cloud.

Deliver infrastructure services easily and efficiently

Combine with IBM Lab Services to get the infrastructure services you need to help build the foundation of a smart enterprise that empowers your business.

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