Smart Data Discovery

Gain a deeper understanding of your data with easy-to-use analytics. Interact conversationally to explore and visualize business insights.

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Your data is telling a story

Data is all around us. Discover what your data is revealing to you. Spot trends and patterns and gain instant insight. Interact with data conversationally. Turn those seemingly endless spreadsheets into a story with one-click visualizations. Test correlations, discover relationships, and get meaningful answers.

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IBM Watson Analytics

Discover, analyze and visualize data

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Customer success

Fine-tuning operations with smart data discovery and cognitive analytics at Michigan State University

In order to deliver a top-notch on-campus experience, MSU Residential and Hospitality Services uses an IBM smart data discovery solution to understand how students and guests use its facilities, helping it fine-tune operations.

Shift Communications weighs in on the rise of the citizen analyst and the role of smart data discovery

Shift Communications is a top marketing firm who believes that citizen analysts answer the call to battle when bad analysis appears.

How Hydra Consulting is using smart data discovery and social media analytics to change advertising

The best ads don’t just sell products, they build relationships between your brand and your customers. Hydra Consulting is using social media analytics to understand how some ads engage viewers’ emotions, while others fade into obscurity.