How to make a cognitive dress with Marchesa + IBM Watson.

Watson is a cognitive system that understands, reasons and learns. Marchesa is an iconic high fashion brand that inspires, empowers and creates.

Man-and-Machine Mix-and-Match

How can designers keep materials exciting? IBM Watson developer partner Inno360 used cognitive APIs to help IBM material scientist Victoria Piunova expand her expertise. Watson read over 40,000 sources and helped Marchesa discover materials to bring their fabrics to life.

Cognitive Color Palette

Color can make or break a dress. Watson analyzed hundreds of red carpet dresses and became Marchesa’s color specialist. With Watson, Marchesa was able to pick an unexpected color story to boldly represent their brand and reflect their fans’ emotions.

Fan-fueled Fabrics

Fans may have a presence on social media but rarely have a presence on the red carpet. On fashion’s biggest night, Marchesa used Watson’s Tone Analyzer API to analyze fan tweets and showcase them in real-time. The cognitive dress lit up with the voice of the fans and showed a new collaboration between man and machine.

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