In the cognitive era, artists like Alex Da Kid can collaborate with Watson, to make hits from volumes of data. Watson gives artists the tools they need to see inspiration in places they never could before.

Outthink creative limits

Grammy award-winning music producer Alex Da Kid paired up with Watson to see if they could create a song together. Watson’s ability to turn millions of unstructured data points into emotional insights would help create a new kind of music that for the first time ever, listened to the audience.

Finding inspiration in culture

Alex Da Kid wanted a deeper connection with his audience. But with so many millions out there, he needed a better way to listen to all of them. Watson AlchemyLanguage API helped by analysing five years of natural language texts including New York Times front pages, Supreme Court rulings, Getty Museum statements, the most edited Wikipedia articles, popular movie synopses and more. Once Watson had learned the most significant cultural themes, Watson Tone Analyzer read news articles, blogs and tweets to find out what people felt about them.

Understanding emotion in music

Watson also inspired Alex Da Kid by analysing years’ worth of popular music. Watson Tone Analyzer API read the lyrics of over 26,000 Billboard Hot 100 songs while Cognitive Color Design Tool tool ingested its album art. Watson Beat then looked at composition of those songs to find useful patterns between various keys, chord progressions and genres completing an emotional fingerprint of music by year – brought to life in a fully immersive experience for Alex.

Cognitive creation

Alex Da Kid used Watson’s emotional insights to develop ‘heartbreak’ as the concept for his first song, ‘Not Easy’. While making the song, Alex was able to explore musical expressions of heartbreak by working with Watson Beat, as well as genre-crossing artists, the X Ambassadors, Elle King and Wiz Khalifa. The result was an audience-driven song launching us all into the future of music.

Technology behind the music

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