Pick the right database for the job

IBM Cloud offers a range of databases for a variety of use cases. We provide relational databases for mission-critical transactional workloads, non-relational databases for flexible and extensible mobile and web apps, and data warehousing for blazing analytics. 

Graphic listing IBM’s relational and nonrelational cloud databases

IBM Cloud databases


If you need


Product type

A managed SQL cloud database configured and optimized for enterprise-grade performance

Db2 on Cloud

Relational database

A managed, 100% open source, relational database that is instantly deployable

Compose for Postgres

Relational database

A highly scalable and performant document store that excels at pushing and retrieving data to and from the edge


NoSQL database

A cloud data warehouse service powered by IBM BLU Acceleration

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Relational database

To store, analyze and extract insights from highly interconnected data

Compose for JanusGraph


Effortless deployment of an in-memory cache for web optimization

Compose for Redis

NoSQL database

Help migrating your data to IBM Cloud Object Storage

Mass Data Migration

IBM Aspera™ (Link resides outside ibm.com)

Data migration


IBM Cloud databases by application


Application use cases


Storing mission-critical transactional data for retail, commerce or planning

Db2 on Cloud

Compose for Postgres

Scalable web and mobile apps that need flexible schemas and offline first architectures


Delivering optimization and caching for web and mobile apps

Compose for Redis

Fraud detection, identity and access management, recommendation engines, and network/IT operations

Compose for JanusGraph

Business intelligence applications for operational reporting

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud


What's new in databases with IBM Cloud

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Customer stories

Runkeeper choose IBM Cloudant to offer a concise, always-on app experience to its growing user base.

KONE uses Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to store and analyze sensor data from IBM Cloud Watson IoT for more than 1.1 million elevators and escalators in buildings worldwide.

Comdata’s mobile app, powered by Cloudant, provides location-aware intelligence about the best options along each driver’s route, helping save time and money.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue selected Db2 on Cloud to build an open-standard, collaborative model for business process discovery and development.

Allegiant Air uses Cloudant to help capture data from mobile and IoT devices as well as improve the quality of existing customer data.

Water Mission is working with Compose for MongoDB to help communities keep their water supplies sustainable for years to come.

Valor Holding dramatically improved performance by migrating sales data and analysis to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

The USA Cycling team picked Cloudant and Watson IoT to power their performance analytics applications.

Choose your database

Relational databases

Compose for MySQL

Compose for MySQL provides a fast, easy-to-use and flexible RDBMS. As the central component of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) web service model, it sports a number of connectors, including Python, PHP and C++ for development needs.

Compose for Postgres

Compose for Postgres is a powerful, open source object-relational database that is highly customizable.

Db2 on Cloud

IBM Db2 on Cloud is built for robust performance and provides a high availability option with a 99.99% uptime SLA. Scale up or down as needed and leverage rolling security updates for peace of mind.

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a fully-managed, enterprise-class cloud data warehouse service. Powered by IBM BLU Acceleration, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud provides you with virtually unmatched query performance.

Non-relational databases


Cloudant is scalable JSON document database optimized for web, mobile, IoT and serverless applications. The service is compatible with an open source ecosystem that includes CouchDB, PouchDB, and libraries for the most popular web and mobile development stacks.

Compose for ElasticSearch

Compose for Elasticsearch combines the flexibility of a full-text search engine with the power of a JSON document database’s indexing.

Compose for etcd

Compose for etcd is a key/value store developers can use to hold the always-correct data they need to coordinate and manage your server cluster for distributed server configuration management.

Compose for JanusGraph

JanusGraph is an Apache TinkerPop compatible, distributed graph database optimized for storing and querying highly interconnected data.

Compose for MongoDB

Compose for MongoDB provides a JSON document store that can be scaled vertically and horizontally, has a rich query and aggregation framework, and is accessible through a wide range of application frameworks and languages.

Compose for Redis

Compose for Redis is a powerful, in-memory key/value store that can act as a cache, queue or transient store in your database stack.

Compose for Scylla

Compose for ScyllaDB is a lightning fast, low-latency NoSQL column-store that works as a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.

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