Why IBM for database management?

Built for performance, flexibility and scalability, IBM database management platforms offer multiple deployment options for high availability transactional and operational analytics.


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Always-on availability

Unmatched efficiency and availability with a 99.99 percent uptime SLA for business-critical transactions and analytics. 

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Deployment and data flexibility

Database services with the flexibility to deploy on-premises, private or public cloud and scale on-demand. 

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Compression and performance

Faster, actionable insights allow some client to see 10x faster insights and a 75 percent increase in compression.

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Embedded Internet of Things technology

Discover new opportunities with always-on IoT data that allows your business to act fast and in-the-moment. 

In the Spotlight

Hybrid Data Management Guide

Discover how hybrid data management allows businesses to leverage data of all types from all sources, seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud deployments, enable machine learning, empower increased self-service and more.


Db2® database

Optimized for industry-leading performance, IBM Db2 delivers extreme compression, scalability and reliability across Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. On-premises, private and public cloud offerings offer unmatched flexibility for any current of future infrastructure needs.

Db2 on Cloud

A fully-managed SQL cloud database that easily deploys and independently scales CPU and storage on- demand, so you only pay for what you use. With a 99.99 percent uptime SLA and rolling security updates Db2 on Cloud provides a high availability solution that is built for robust performance.

Db2 Hosted

Enjoy the capabilities of IBM Db2 with the agility of a cloud deployment, while still giving you full administrative control over security, performance and availability. With ten instance types, on-demand partitioning and your choice of IBM or AWS cloud hosting Db2 Hosted offers control and flexibility.

Db2 for z/OS®

A majority of Fortune 500 companies, including the world's top banks, retailers and insurance providers trust Db2 for z/OS to and stay ahead of the competition with faster analytics, scale and speed for mobile era and up to 23 percent CPU savings with in-memory database performance.

Db2 for i

Db2 for i integrates with the IBM i operating system and Power Systems™ so you can manage your database less and build more applications for analytics, mobile, and cloud. Open standard support includes ANSI standard SQL, XML, JSON, node.js and more for multiple development environments.


IBM Informix® forges new frontiers with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, timeseries and spatial data. Embedding Informix at the gateway level enables you to perform database operations and analytics close to the data sources to make local decisions. 


IBM Cloudant® is a managed NoSQL database service that moves application data closer to all the places it needs to be for uninterrupted data access, offline or on. Cloudant is optimized for handling heavy workloads of concurrent reads and writes in the cloud.



ArcGIS Server for Db2 manages geospatially-referenced data on Linux, Unix, and on Windows systems and IBM System z® platforms. ArcGIS Server extends core IBM Db2® support for spatial-data types, providing a performant, scalable, secure spatial data server for smarter solutions that range from business analytics to service management.

Robin Systems

Robin Systems supports the deployment of an agile, flexible, application-defined infrastructure for your enterprise applications, helping you to more-easily span multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. You get an “app-store experience” that lets you manage all your data assets more efficiently, whether the assets are big data, NoSQL or relational enterprise RDBMs such as IBM Db2.


IBM and EnterpriseDB address the needs of Postgres SQL Open Source developers, who get implementations at scale, including in IBM Cloud Private environments. Expect world-class, elite support and planning to help you deliver an enterprise-class data management platform.  This approach includes additional extensions for deployment and management of large-scale implementations.


Affordable, scalable, and reliable OLTP

Find out how Db2 pureScale® delivers scale out benefits for continuous availability on cloud.

Db2 for z/OS in the age of cloud computing

Find out the value of cloud computing, and how IBM Db2 for z/OS can be utilized on the cloud to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

Customer success


Find out how a manufacturer processing over 4TB of data daily turned to IBM with BLU acceleration and best-in-class compression to improve reporting from 3- minutes to 3-seconds for thousands of business users seeking to drive performance and capitalize on big data.


Learn how one of the top 10 most profitable banks in the world uses IBM Db2 with BLU acceleration and its 82 percent compression rates to improve performance on queries by up to 100X, solving their challenge of speedy regulatory reporting.

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Learn how to build and manage your database in a hybrid environment without sacrificing performance, security and scalability.