Fix Central for IBM i allows you to search, select, order, and download fixes to your system with a choice of delivery options. Fixes provide changes to your software, Licensed Internal Code, or machine code that fix known problems, add new function, and keep your system or Hardware Management Console operating efficiently.

Attention all new and first time users of Fix Central:

Complete the following steps before ordering PTFs over the Internet:

Getting started with Fix Central for IBM i
  1. Open a web browser and go to Fix Central.
  2. Select System i from the "Product Group" pulldown.
  3. Select IBM i from the "Product" pulldown. Review the Guide to fixes for other ordering scenarios.
  4. Click Continue to begin the ordering process or select one of the following options from the right navigational panel. Note: the following options are only available when IBM i is selected from the "Product" pulldown.
Ordering alternatives

The following alternatives are available to place your PTF order: