Passport Advantage Online provides secure sign in access to Site-specific Passport Advantage information and applications.

New to PAO? Take a tour

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Passport Advantage Online (PAO) is your organization’s private domain within IBM. Authorized users can sign in to download software, request media, set notification preferences, purchase new licenses, renew IBM Software Subscription and Support, manage entitlements, generate and view reports and manage account access, roles and privileges.

If you are an authorized Passport Advantage Online (PAO) user, sign in now to:

  • Download software, request media and set download and media preferences.
  • Subscribe to eNotifications – eNotifications are subscription-based e-mails that let you know when new releases of products matching your preferences are available for download. They can also be used to alert you when older versions of your software are approaching end of support.
  • Purchase new licenses and renew Software Subscription & Support and Term licenses
  • View and download order, migration and download history reports
  • View Proof of Entitlement (PoE) certificates
  • View entitlement inventory and allocations
  • Log, track and change deployed product entitlements
  • Manage contacts, user roles and access privileges

If you do not have access to your PAO Site, request access now

Learn how to request  access now. (01:57)

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Step 2

Enter your IBMid and password and click continue

Note: If you do not yet have an IBMid and password, click 'Create an IBMid' and fill in the required fields and submit.

You will be notified when your IBM ID an PW are activated and you can return to the PAO Customer sign in to log and complete your PAO access request.

Step 3

Complete a 'Self-nomination' form
Think of the Self-nomination form as an application for access. It will be  forwarded to your Site Primary (or Secondary) Contact who will accept or deny your request based in large part upon the information your provide. Remember, your Primary (or Secondary) Contact NOT IBM determines who can access your PAO Site.

  • Enter the Site number you wish to access
    If you do not know your Site number, reach out to your Sales organization for a copy of a recent Proof-of-Entitlement (PoE), invoice or sales order. All these documents should include your PAO Site number.
  • Provide a Business Justification explaining why you need PAO Site access.
    For example:
    “I need to purchase software”
    “I need to renew S&S”
    “I need to download software”
    “I need to generate reports or view proof of entitlements”

Your business justification helps your Site Primary Contact assign you the right role(s) and grant you the application privileges you need.

Roles Applications Privileges
  • All roles
  • Primary Contact (only one per Site)
  • Secondary Contact (up to 4)
  • User (unlimited)
  • All applications
  • Software download and media access / Purchase and renewal
  • Reporting (Software and service online access privileges)
  • Entitlement inventory and deployments
  • Contact update
  • Account-related documents
  • All privileges
  • None
  • View
  • Update
  • Software download only
  • Software download and media access only
  • Software download, media access, quotes, product catalogs and license renewal

Step 4


Your request for access will be forwarded to your PAO Primary Contact (sometime referred to as your Site admin) for processing and approval.

You will be notified when your request has been approved.

Need assistance? Contact your local eCustomer Care team