When you enroll in Passport Advantage you are asked to provide the following contact information. While only the name of a Primary Contact is required, we strongly recommend that you name a Site Technical and Administrative Contact as well.

Primary Contact

When you enroll in Passport Advantage, you give us the name of a Primary Contact. This contact is mandatory.

IBM will communicate all changes to the Agreement or other contractual issues to the Primary Contact. If the Primary Contact is the only contact specified, IBM will also consider the Primary Contact the sole contact for all administrative, compliance and technical issues.

The Primary Contact is responsible for all Account Management tasks including:

  • Updating contact information
  • Approving Site access requests
  • Assigning individual roles
  • Granting tool access and privileges
Tools Access Tool Privileges
Software and services tool access
  • None
  • Software downloads only
  • Software download and media access only
  • Software download, media access, quotes, product catalogs and license renewals
Reporting None | View
Entitlements: Entitlement inventory and deployments None | View | Update
Account Management*
Manage access None | View | Update
Contact updates None | View | Update
Account related documents None | View

*Initially only the Site Primary may access Account Management to manage access and update contacts.

Locating your Primary Contact

To locate the name of the Primary Contact for your Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express Site:

  • Go to Passport Advantage Online
  • Sign in using your IBM ID and password.
  • Go to Account management, select Contact update and "View all Contacts" for a listing of all Site contacts.

Note: If you have not been authorized by your Primary Contact to access Passport Advantage Online, the Self-nomination screen displays. Enter your customer information and submit your self-nomination request. The request will be forwarded to your Primary Contact who will notify you by e-mail when the request has been processed.

Administrative Contact

The Administration Contact is your Site’s designated contact for all administrative documents including Software Subscription and Support Renewal notices, software upgrade availability notifications and Proofs of Entitlement. Your Administrative Contact is responsible for requesting and authorizing account information changes. If authorized by your Primary Contact, your Administrative Contact can manage Web and tool access for your organization and will have access to your Proofs of Entitlement online via Passport Advantage Online to confirm your authorized use of IBM software.

Note: Electronic Proofs of Entitlement will also be sent via e-mail to your Administration Contact and/or to your IBM Business Partner when you obtain new licenses or renew Software Subscription and Support.

Site Technical Contact Contact

Each Passport Advantage Site, including the Originating and all Additional Sites, with current Software Subscription and Support coverage should assign a Site Technical Contact (STC).

Responsible for overall support compliance, the Site Technical Contact may be referred to as an Administrator within the IBM Support environment. As such, he or she:

  • manages user access to support 
  • adds and deletes users as needed
  • updates user information
  • approves or denies user requests for access 
  • grants and updates user access levels

User access levels in support

  1. No Access: The user will not be able to open, edit, receive updates for, or even see the cases for that account.
  2. Basic Access: Users have access to only the cases that they own. They will not be able to view cases owned by their team or be added to cases as an Interested party.
  3. Full Access: Users have access to cases associated with one or more specified account. The user will be able to open new cases, view open cases, be added as an interested party, post updates and receive updates for cases on that account.
  4. Administrator: Administrators have Full Access privileges PLUS they can approve or deny requests, make changes to access levels and view and edit users on a given account.

Learn more about Administering User Access.

Additional Contacts

In addition to the Primary, Administrative / Proof of Entitlement and Site Technical Contacts described above, your Primary may name

  • Secondary Contacts – up to 4 per Site to assist with account management
  • Software Subscription and Support renewal contact – recommended for all Passport Advantage Sites
  • Software Subscription and Support media shipping contact
  • Billing Contact
  • an unlimited number of Site Users