Downloads are available only to users who are entitled through either of the following ways:

  • As an authorized user for technical support for the product under Software Maintenance Agreement or other applicable software support agreement
  • For a machine covered under IBM warranty or Maintenance support contract

Fix Central Machine Code updates are available only for IBM machines that are under warranty or an IBM hardware maintenance service agreement. Code for operating systems or other software products is available only where entitled under the applicable software warranty or IBM software maintenance agreement. All code (including Machine Code updates, samples, fixes or other software downloads) provided on the Fix Central website is subject to the terms of the license agreements which govern the use of the associated code.

Some exemptions may apply.

Support Access

If Fix Central cannot find a software support agreement for the fix you have requested it will present an option for you to register your IBM ID to the appropriate support agreement. Follow the instructions provided on that Fix Central page to register for support.

You can also follow the steps outlined on the Support Access portal for becoming an authorized user for technical support for the products you need fixes for in Fix Central. You will need to provide a customer number or machine type and serial number that has a contract for that product.

You may also use fix central to request help from IBM by opening a IBM case. This option, along with the registration option is available when a support agreement cannot be found associated with your ID.

Support Access is provide for software fixes only. If Fix Central cannot find a support agreement for machine code updates you have requested, you must open a IBM case with IBM support to resolve the issue. The Fix Central application will provide you with the option to open a IBM case and will automatically include the information about the fix you have requested.

IBM Employee Access

IBM employees can acquire Entitled Fixes through Fix Central. Access to Fix Central is dependent on the system.

You will be prompted for your IBM Intranet UserID and password. After your IBM Intranet UserID and Password are validated, Fix Central will provide you complete access to all fixes.

Additional help

If you are not able to obtain downloads that you believe you are entitled to after following the steps shown above, click Feedback on any Fix Central page and provide the following information:

You may also contact IBM technical support for additional product assistance.

For more detailed information about services listed here and all services available from IBM, contact your country's IBM representative or visit the Directory of worldwide contacts.