Machine Type and Serial Number Entry Page Help


Why do I have to enter a machine type and serial number?

In order to download some products' software or firmware updates, IBM requires you to provide us with a valid machine type and serial. This is so we can verify that the system for which the fix is being obtained has a valid IBM support agreement.


How do I find the type and serial?

The Type Number is a 4-digit number (usually followed by a 3-character Model identifier) printed on the exterior of your IBM system. It may be the first part of an ID labeled "Model" or "System Model".

The Serial Number is a 7 digit ID labeled "S/N" on the exterior of your IBM system. Dash ("-") characters may be omitted.


What is "country" for and what should I set it to?

The country selection represents the country in which the system is located. It helps us look up your system to verify that it is covered under a support agreement.


Why is the "type" field pre-filled? What if my system is a different type than the prefilled value?

The type field is frequently pre-filled or limited to specific values based on the product the updates are built for. If the system for which you are obtaining updates is a of different type, or is not included in the provided list, you are probably looking under the wrong product in Fix Central.

If there are no preselected values, any valid machine type and serial is acceptable.


I entered a machine type and serial from a system I own or use, but then I get an error stating "No applicable IBM support agreement found for one or more of the products you selected." How can I get my fixes?

This indicates that you entered an invalid type, serial and country combination, or that the system you entered does not have an active support agreement. Click the "Request help" button to request help from IBM support to find out the status of your system, or if you believe that the serial you entered is already covered by a maintenance agreement.

If your system is not covered and you wish to purchase a maintenance agreement, call 800-656-0833, or visit Post-warranty Maintenance Agreement / ServicePac.


What if I have more than one system for which I am downloading updates? Do I need to enter each one?

You only need to provide one valid, supported system. If you are not sure which systems are in support (are covered under a maintenance contract), you can use the + button to add multiple systems.


What are the "Browse" and "Save to file" buttons for?

The "Save to file" button saves any type and serial values you have entered and copies them to a local file for future use. This avoids the need for you to look up system information every time you wish to acquire updates.

The "Browse" button allows you to navigate to a previously saved file (using the "Save to file" button) and will automatically pre-fill the saved type and serial values after selecting the file.