Introducing IBM Security™ QRadar® XDR

IBM launches open, connected security suite with plans to acquire ReaQta


Take an open approach to your security

In today's technology industry, an open approach fuels innovation, as seen in the growing adoption of containers, made possible through the power of Kubernetes. At about 4,000 developers strong, the open-source community can focus on any single Kubernetes project.

This pooled expertise is what makes an open approach so powerful for security, bringing together expertise and technology to address inherently complex security issues.


Benefits of open security

Open security standards

Connect disparate technology so teams and data can come together.

Open-source code

Integrate with any product to fix gaps in enterprise technology.

Intelligence and analytics

Act quickly with comprehensive threat intelligence.

Benefits of open platform

Deploy anywhere

Deploy on-premises or in a cloud of your choice.

Reduce vendor lock-in

Connect to IBM and third-party data sources.

Leave data where it is

Search hybrid cloud and on-premises environments without moving data.

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IBM Cloud Pak® for Security

This open security platform connects to your data sources to generate deeper insights using AI and automation.

IBM Security QRadar XDR

A modular and integrated suite of threat detection and response software that runs on an open security platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is open security and how does it work?

It brings open source and open standards to security to help reduce complexity and help organizations better protect against cyber threats and adversaries. Open security uses community-led innovation and expertise to promote interoperability and information-sharing.

What are the benefits of an open and integrated security platform?

An integrated security platform brings together security teams, tools and data in one place. With an open architecture that allows connections to any security tool or data repository, security teams can search across their hybrid cloud and on-premises environments and pull insights into one unified console.

What is Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) and the role of IBM?

Co-founded by IBM® and McAfee, OCA is building an open ecosystem where cybersecurity products interoperate without the need for customized integrations. Using community-developed standards and practices, OCA is simplifying integration across the threat lifecycle.

What should you look for in an open, integrated platform?

Open architecture and APIs  help ensure all current and future point security solutions can be incorporated. Look for the ability to scan across cloud instances, security products and combine data in a single console. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps automate analytics for greater insight. And an important feature: use of data at the source without having to move data.

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