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How can we improve your business process management?

Cost savings

Cost savings

Learn how you can create new revenue streams and find unexpected saving opportunities.

Business efficiency

Business efficiency

Experiment with new digital systems that help your teams plan more efficiently.

Process automation

Process automation

Jump start your digital transformation journey with new automation technologies.

Featured services for management consulting

Artificial Intelligence Services

Internet of Things Services

Big Data Services

Unearth more value from your data to help lower costs with less risk.

Business Process Automation Services

Supply Chain Business Network

IBM Supply Chain Business Network is a cloud-based, digital business network that enables you to streamline collaboration across your Supply Chain by digitizing and automating B2B transactions.


Migrating to SAP S/4HANA can be complicated and costly. We're here to help you. We bring AI industry-specific expertise to reduce your migration hassles.

Process services (BPR)

Business Process Outsourcing

Focus on continued cost reduction and exceptional customer experience by adopting an outsourcing approach.

Business Process Reengineering

Use our global consulting experience to modernize and reinvent your processes from the ground up.

Finance Operations and Transformation Services

Streamline and accelerate your finance transformation with AI, analytics and blockchain.

Talent and Engagement Services

Improve hiring decisions and talent retention using AI solutions to digitally transform HR.

Data Science and Advance Analytics Services

Use the power of AI to help uncover insights, boost productivity and reduce risk.

Risk and Fraud Management Consulting Services

Fight crime with analytics tools and guidance that can reduce losses and help improve compliance.

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Services

Transformation your supply chain operations with AI solutions to help reduce operational costs.

Blockchain Services

Digitize transactions and information with blockchain to help protect data and reduce costs.


IBM and Generali used intelligent workflows to build better experiences for insurance customers.


IBM and Volkswagen co-created a mobility services app to reinvent the driving experience.


IBM and ADNOC build a first-of-its-kind rock analyzer that helps determine drilling locations.

Kraft Heinz Company

IBM and Kraft are launching a state-of-the-art algorithm to deliver products to consumers more efficiently.

Educational resources


IBM Institute for Business Value: The evolution of process automation — Moving beyond basic robotics to intelligent interactions


IBM is ranked the #1 Cognitive Assistant Service Provider by HfS in 2018

Meet our management consulting experts

Joseph Bellissimo

General Manager, Cognitive Process Transformation

Jason Kelley

General Manager, Blockchain Services

Tina Marron-Partridge

Global Leader, Talent & Transformation