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Explore how POWER9 servers provide a simplified hybrid cloud experience focused on security, reliability, performance and affordable scale.

POWER9 servers – built for the world’s most demanding computing

POWER9™ servers are built for the most data-intensive and demanding computing on earth. Whether it’s AI, cloud infrastructure or the ability to run your mission-critical applications with ease, Power Systems™ has you covered. Learn more about what the new enhanced core and POWER9 processor chip architecture can do for your business.

The advantages of the POWER9 chip

POWER9 delivers blazing speed with up to 1.5x the performance of its POWER8® predecessor. Just imagine the data-intensive workloads you’ll be able to handle using the only processor with state of the art I/O subsystem technology, including next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4 and OpenCAPI.

Enhanced core and chip architecture for next-gen workloads

  • Optimized for emerging algorithms to interpret and reason
  • I/O processor chip provides superior bandwidth, scale and capacity to ingest and analyze data

Newest processor chip family with optimized silicon for a range of platforms

  • Scale out for HPC and next-gen apps
  • Scale up to 16 sockets for the most demanding enterprise workloads

Premier platform for accelerated computing with maximized bandwidth

  • Ultra-high bandwidth CPU-GPU interconnect delivers ~ 4x faster training
  • OpenCAPI™ interface offers high bandwidth communication to NICs, FPGA accelerators, and storage controllers

Meet the POWER9 family of servers

POWER9 for enterprise

Develop a cloud infrastructure designed for data intensive and mission-critical workloads.

IBM Power System E950

The 4-socket Power E950 server is a versatile system with the ability to support up to 16 TB of memory and can host up to 8 production SAP HANA LPARs, allowing maximized system utilization through mixed workloads.

IBM Power System E980

Built for big data and the largest of SAP HANA environments, the Power E980 can be configured with up to 64 TB of memory and can host up to 8 production SAP HANA LPARs. With Capacity on Demand, this future-proof system can grow along with your environment.

AI infrastructure

The best servers for enterprise AI. The fastest and simplest way to confidently deploy deep-learning and AI frameworks.

IBM Power System Accelerated Compute Server AC922

Built for the world’s biggest AI challenges, AC922 delivers unprecedented performance for modern HPC, analytics and AI.  Deploy data-intensive workloads, like deep-learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence. 

Technical details:

  • Up to 5.6x more I/O bandwidth than x86
  • 2-6 NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs
  • 2x POWER9 CPUs, designed for AI
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning Community Edition (formerly PowerAI) DL frameworks
  • PCIe Gen4 2x faster vs PCIe Gen3 in x86

IBM Power System LC921

This 1U rack server delivers superior scaling capabilities, and is ideal for virtualization, database and high-performance computing deployments.

 Technical details:

  • Delivers up to 40 cores, 2 TB of RAM and up to 40 TB of storage
  • Ideal scaling capabilities leveraging PCIe Gen4 technology
  • Capable of providing twice more threads than x86 alternatives
  • 2x the price-performance over x86 for open source database deployments

IBM Power System LC922

This storage-rich 2U server has 2x the data bandwidth of x86 and is perfect for Linux workloads with extensive storage requirements.

Technical details:

  • Delivers up to 44 cores, 2 TB of RAM and up to 120 TB of storage
  • PCIe 4.0 and CAPI 2.0 innovations – an industry first
  • Capable of providing twice more threads than x86 alternatives
  • 2x the price-performance over x86 for open source database deployments

IBM Power System IC922

Engineered for AI inference, this storage-rich 2U-accelerated server provides the compute-intensive infrastructure needed to unlock business insights from trained AI models.

Technical details:

  • Delivers up to 40 cores, 2 TB of RAM and up to 24 SAS/SATA drives
  • 2x POWER9 CPUs, designed for AI
  • Up to 6 NVIDIA® T4 GPUs
  • PCIe Gen4 2x faster vs PCIe Gen3 in x86

Scale-out servers for big data workloads

Designed for AIX, IBM i and Linux environments, these Power Systems servers easily scale out.

IBM Power Systems scale-out servers - S914, S922, S924 and L922

  • Built-in PowerVM virtualization with mobility
  • Connect to the cognitive capabilities of the IBM Cloud
  • 4TB in-memory database capabilities for Db2 and Oracle
  • Smart acceleration enabled by CAPI technologies
  • Easy to migrate from previous Power Systems

Run SAP HANA and SAS applications on POWER9

POWER9 servers can meet all the needs of your SAP HANA and SAS Viya environment with built-in virtualization and capacity on demand. You can scale without needing a new server.

Regular server upgrades are crucial

When it comes to upgrading your servers, faster is always better.
Read this IDC report to find out why regular server upgrades can make a big difference for your business, substantially reducing server-related costs, improving application performance, and reducing IT staff time requirements.


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Breakthrough AI performance

IBM sets tera-scale machine learning benchmark record with POWER9 and NVIDIA® V100™. Available for customers to try as part of the IBM Watson Machine Learning Community Edition (formerly PowerAI) Tech Preview portfolio later this year.

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