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New Research Isolates Early Evidence of Cancer to Aid Diagnostics

Next time you’re seated at a table over dinner with four of your friends, pause for a moment and consider the following: statistically, it’s likely that two of you will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during your lifetimes. These two are 2.5 times more likely to go bankrupt because of the high cost […]

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Watson Brings the Promise of Precision Medicine to the Fight Against Cancer

Today marks a very important milestone for our work in cancer with the launch of Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics. Helping doctors fighting cancer is a key part of our mission at IBM Watson Health, and it’s a challenge we’ve been helping the medical community tackle for nearly five years. But the overarching goal was […]

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Watson Gets Personal in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer continues to be one of the biggest healthcare challenges in the U.S. The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. While many advances have been made to improve cancer treatment and care, it can still be devastating news for anyone receiving the diagnosis. It pains […]

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As Seen On 60 Minutes: Watson Accelerates Precision Oncology

Oncologists spend each day fighting a disease that is cruel and relentless. Yet, we find deep fulfillment from helping give a patient time they might not have had, and helping them achieve a good quality of life amid challenging circumstances. That’s what drives me every day in my work developing new approaches to cancer treatments. […]

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Revolutionizing Cancer Care: Watson for Genomics

Tonight on the CBS ’60 Minutes’ news program more than 12 million viewers saw the power of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to help revolutionize cancer care. What began in IBM’s labs with some of the world’s most talented researchers and engineers is now a commercial technology – Watson – that has been put to work by some […]

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Q&A: Dr. Jane Chiang On the New Cognitive App Contest to Fight Diabetes

Diabetes can be a time consuming and expensive disease — and no one understands this better than the people who live with it. In the United States, diabetes and prediabetes cost us a staggering $322 billion each year in direct medical expenses and reduced productivity. And studies have shown that people with diabetes spend 2.3 […]

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