Deep Learning Frameworks at your fingertips

Deep Learning is increasing the accuracy of automated initial diagnosis. Using AI visual recognition, medical professionals can detect tumours earlier within scans. This is crucial to give patients the best chance of recovery.

Academic researches are using deep learning to achieve cutting edge results, staying competitive on the global level and attracting funding. Researchers are using Deep Learning to solve some of today’s toughest scientific challenges in the fastest way.

IBM business partner Elinar is enabling their customers to mine huge amounts of GDPR data, specifically offering AI models for GDPR consent identification and data identification and extraction, helping users to achieve compliance at lower cost and higher quality.

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Expanding the value from AI

Hear from Chris Parsons' now to learn about the difference between on-premise and cloud AI solutions and how GPU technology can deliver extraordinary performance to your AI solution

58x faster, accelerating training times from 15 days to 7 hours.

Optimise your infrastructure for AI workloads to  reduce your time to insight and increase business value. With the Distributed Deep Learning on PowerAI you can achieve record performance.

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From text to emotion

Creating audiobooks is a slow and expensive process. But what if computers could learn to not only read text, but also master intonation and emotion?

Don’t hit the infrastructure wall. Find the right solution for AI.

It takes orchestration to bring your AI goals to fruition. According to IDC, 23% of businesses haven’t identified the right software or algorithms for the AI solution they're considering, and 77% feel limited by their infrastructure. Learn how to quickly move past roadblocks on your AI journey and realize the operational gains of machine intelligence.

Building a successful AI infrastructure strategy starts here.

Whether you need an AI application built in-house, or cloud-based services to support your cognitive business, you need the right tools and capabilities to get the job done.

Reimagine infrastructure for the AI era

With the right processor architecture and server hardware, you’ll unlock the fastest deployment for accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks, all backed by enterprise-class software and services support.

Capture data and derive insights in real time

Revolutionize analytics, capture insights in real time, and outthink the competition. Machine learning on IBM Z® makes transactional, operational and social data available instantly, allowing you to extract its hidden value and pivot quickly.

Deploy a tested, optimized and validated AI solution

Reference architecture helps simplify complex operations and reduce risk with proven hardware and software configurations. Harness AI computing and deep learning with accelerated systems and software designed to scale and manage workflows.

Fast and flexible platforms for AI

Applications built with machine learning and deep learning push system demands to new heights. To crunch volumes of data at the speed AI requires, you need massive processing power, high throughput, and GPU acceleration.

Build a foundation for speed and scale with GPU-accelerated servers

IBM® Power Systems™ AC922 offers the fastest way to deploy accelerated databases and deep learning frameworks – with GPU acceleration and enterprise-class support.

Gain real-time insight and take advantage of open-source machine learning

The newest generation IBM Z® mainframe features 100% encryption, simplifies compliance and offers a robust cloud data center platform. With z14 you can apply machine learning to the valuable data that resides on the mainframe without moving data.

Apply machine learning to your most valuable data

IBM LinuxONE™ servers include up to 170 cores and up to 32TB memory, supporting the complex calculations of machine learning by giving enterprises access to the data that exists within their walls.

Software and frameworks to bring new intelligence to your enterprise

IBM solutions provide complete AI software platforms and industry-specific deep learning frameworks for fast access and insights. You’ll find the software you need to optimize AI workloads across compute and storage in the environments of your choice.

Tap into world’s leading cognitive computing platform

Watson™ on the IBM Cloud™ allows you to integrate the world’s most powerful AI into your application, and store, train and manage your data in the most secure cloud.

Jump-start ML/DL with an open-source framework

The TensorFlow open-source machine learning framework opens new options for applying cognitive technologies. IBM LinuxONE and Linux on IBM Z users can deploy the latest machine learning and deep learning research ideas to mission critical data without ever leaving the system.

Get end-to-end support for the deep learning workflow

Maximize utilization with cluster workload management that enables you to fine-tune how your jobs run all the way down to the GPU.

Optimize your journey to AI from experimentation to production

New! IBM Reference Architecture for AI Infrastructure simplifies complex operations and reduces your risk.


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