Accelerate opportunities in the new era of modern business

With an understanding of emerging trends and industry disruptions, we uncover the untapped potential inside your business to help it modernize and grow. We’ve helped businesses like Yara and Verizon align their strategy to investments, unlock additional value from existing and emerging technologies and deliver the process automation and human experiences that create a long-term, sustainable impact.

How can we help?

End-to-end business strategy

We consider what makes your business unique and use that to create a competitive advantage. We approach obstacles from all angles and develop a holistic view to move your business forward.

Process redesign

We evaluate and change how data and work flows across your business to create new value.

Technology transformation

Armed with open technologies, we develop tailored solutions to modernize your infrastructure and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Achieve sustainability goals

Modern businesses must be sustainable and responsible. Our sustainability framework was developed to orient your business towards innovation and growth while also amplifying social and cultural initiatives.

Let’s get to work

Collaborative innovation at an enterprise scale

The IBM Garage™ approach breaks down large organizational challenges to focus and refine ideas and make rapid progress against them. Our proven practices enable you to manage strategic initiatives in a holistic operating model to de-risk investments, quantify business outcomes and advance organizational and cultural change. Bold IT transformations, reimagined customer and employee experiences, intelligently automated business processes — it all starts in the IBM Garage.

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faster speed to outcomes


more innovative ideas



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Client stories

Embedding climate data into financial decisions

The Climate Service worked with IBM Consulting™ to fast-track their Climanomics platform. See how The Climate Service moved from concept to building and scaling their solution with startup speed.

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