Blockchain in manufacturing
Strengthen supply chain and trading relationships while facilitating more ethical consumerism with provenance of components and manufactured goods
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Manufacturing is often stretched across the world to best exploit the availability of raw materials, labor, funding and consumer markets at the most competitive rates. A single critical link can test the resilience of the entire operation because companies are bound closely together by long, international chains of supply and demand. 

IBM Blockchain enables trusted data exchange and workflow automation across organizational and national boundaries. This helps to strengthen fragile supply chain and trading relationships ravaged by the pandemic and facilitates more ethical consumerism by tracking the provenance of components and manufactured goods.


Get trusted supply chain provenance

Obtain provenance information about every component part in a product with IBM Blockchain’s immutable asset register. The greater degree of accuracy makes it easier to audit the process, root out counterfeit items and eliminate inappropriately sourced raw materials.

Strengthen trading partner relationships

Effectively manage distributed supply ecosystems through extended visibility and by addressing cost and complexity issues within supply relationships. Streamline new supplier onboarding by reducing reliance on paper-based certifications and manual approval processes.

Reduce financial friction

Increase data visibility to immediately identify discrepancies and disputes between trading partners. Dramatically reduce the time to reconcile by automating business rules with smart contracts and reach consensus in near real time.


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