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Simplify and optimize your app management and technology operations with generative AI-driven insights

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Prioritize and act on the most significant risks to your business applications

Explore risk management with IBM Concert

Keep applications continuously compliant, even as they evolve

Explore compliance management with IBM Concert

What is IBM Concert?

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IBM® Concert® puts you in control, so you can simplify and optimize your operations to focus on continuously delivering enhanced client experiences and improved developer and SRE productivity


IBM Concert provides generative AI insights that help you understand your application landscape and enables you to discover the connections, dependencies, gaps and opportunities in your application architecture.

Powered by watsonx™, Concert seamlessly connects with your existing environment and toolsets, enabling real-time data and dependency mapping to see operational challenges, understand root causes, anticipate issues before they happen and proactively address them with recommended actions and automations. 

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Why Concert 1 Billion New logical applications will be created worldwide by 2028*

Concert allows you to manage applications seamlessly across any environment and toolset.

33% Of executives can't use all the data they receive**

Concert connects to all the disparate data streams from underlying tools so you can truly understand your applications and make outcome-driven business decisions.

1 Trillion USD productivity gains by 2026 for enterprises who use generative AI & automation tech***

Concert leverages generative AI for real-time data and dependency mapping and automates tasks to significantly reduce technology costs, risks, and compliance burdens.

Benefits Gain full application visibility

Get a full 360-degree view of your applications, from development through deployment and generate insightful analyses, visualizations and recommendations that you can turn into action quickly.

Unlock insights with generative AI

Leverage generative AI to uncover concrete insights and actionable recommendations that can also trigger automated actions to improve business-critical applications. Concert provides application owners, developers and SREs with the most efficient way forward, helping them anticipate issues before they happen so they can refocus on work that drives business impact.

Preserve crucial data for forensic analysis

Maintain accurate records of system states over time to reconstruct events, identify vulnerabilities and address issues effectively to enhance security, compliance, and operational integrity.

Address application challenges across different use cases

Deep dive into the health of your applications using factors like risk, compliance, cost, security and more. Concert generates relevant operational and strategic recommendations that you can action to improve your applications.

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*1 billion new logical applications will be created worldwide by 2028
IDC Market Note: 1 Billion New Logical Applications. April 2024, IDC #US51953724

**33% of executives can't use all the data they receive
IDC Blog: Navigating the Planes of Enterprise Intelligence Architecture

***1T USD productivity gains predicted by 2026 for enterprises who use generative AI & automation tech
IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Work 2024 Predictions (doc #US49963723, October 2023)