Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about Sub-capacity licensing Terms and Conditions. 

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1. Does a customer still need to accept the sub-cap licensing terms prior to ordering licenses for sub-capacity deployment?

2. How and when will the number of eligible environments be expanded?

3. Is IBM working with other hardware and software vendors to extend sub-capacity eligibility and support by ILMT?

4. How long do customers have to install ILMT?

5. What are the exceptions to the requirement to use ILMT for sub-capacity licensing?

6. What if ILMT doesn't support my virtualization technology?

7. Is ILMT still required if I increase the deployment of sub-capacity eligible products to the full capacity of the server, as referenced in Section 4 of the sub-cap attachment?

11. Why is ILMT's default reporting period set at monthly when the terms allow for quarterly reporting?

12. Why do the sub-cap terms and ILMT require periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) reporting?

13. Can an IBM Business Partner or service provider assist a customer toward achieving license compliance?

14. Does IBM have the right to audit a customer?

15. How does IBM determine if the customer is in compliance with the sub-capacity terms and conditions?

16. What is the licensing policy if the partition's processor core capacity is temporarily increased due to additional workload?

17. Does IBM licensing allow for a grace period and / or periodic "true-up" in order to get compliant?

18. What does an "increase in an Eligible Sub-Capacity Product's Virtualization Capacity" really mean?

19. What selection do I make under IBM's My Notifications, in order to be notified when ILMT updates become available?