To download newly purchase software as well as updates to your entitled software, you will need

  • an IBM ID and Password
  • access to Passport Advantage Online and Software Download and Media Access (SDMA) 
  • active IBM Software Subscription and Support to upgrade to newer software releases of your entitled software

Preview the SDMA download experience

Software download and media access (03:10)

Learn how to download newly acquired software as well as fixes and updates to your entitled software to take advantage of new features, functionality, innovations and security available in the latest version or release of your IBM software.

Step-by-Step download instructions

  1. Sign in to your PAO Site
  2. Select ‘Software download and media access’.
  3. Choose the Passport Advantage Agreement number from the ‘Your program offerings’drop down.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. On the next screen, you can search your entitled software by part number or part description or browse “All products” available for download, “Your preferred products” or “Products by brand.” These fields are prepopulated based on Site entitlements Note: Some products are ineligible for download from PAO
    • Choose the product you want to download
    • Select your operating system and language
    • Click Go to
      1. Review or change Version, Operating System and Language
      2. View and download associated products
      3. Select individual files for download
    • When you are ready to initiate a download, click Download
    • Confirm or change your download location and download method
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Click 'Download now'.

Note: If you experience problems downloading software, please ensure you’re using the latest version of your preferred browser. If problems persist, you may want to try an alternate browser.

Request media instructions

  1. Select “Request media”
  2. Choose a product
  3. Select from the list of available media packs
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue
  5. Add to cart
  6. Proceed to checkout, continue shopping or save your cart for future checkout
  7. To complete your order
    1. review and update your billing and shipping information
    2. agree to the IBM Passport Advantage and International Program License Agreement terms and any additional terms listed in the License Information Document

*You are entitled to one copy of each new media pack. Custom duties, taxes, levies or fees imposed by a local or country authority may apply.

Before leaving the Download & media access screen, take a few minutes to review or change your Download and eNotification Preferences.

Need assistance? Contact your local eCustomer Care team