Using reporting to search entitlements and active renewal quotes,  download, migration and order history

Report types

Active and future software entitlements – Search your active and future entitlements. You may query based on type of entitlement (i.e., purchased, renewed, allocated, and future) and entitlement date range type (e.g. purchased, renewed, allocated).

Active software renewal quotes – View open software renewal quotes for your Site(s) and query based on Agreement numbers, Site number, reseller number, quote number, and/or renewal due date.

Order history – Search orders placed by your sites. You may search by order type (i.e., purchases, renewal, media, Software as a Service) and sales order date range

Migration history – Search migrations completed by your Sites by date. (This report is only applicable for Passport Advantage transactions)

Download history – View software downloads completed by your Site(s). You may query based on download date range. The software downloads history report displays history according to current agreement and site information on record. Agreement migrations are not taken into consideration.

Note: only authorized users may query, view and download the reports listed above

Running reports

If you are authorized to run reports:

  • Sign in to your PAO Site with your IBM ID and password
  • Select "Reporting"
  • Select a report type — Active Entitlements, Active renewal quotes, Order history, Migration history, Downloads history
  • Specify your report criteria using drop downs and pick lists
    Note: fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory
  • Use the 'Sort by' drop down
    Note this is a required step for all reporting.
  • Click to 'Submit Summary Report', 'Submit detail report', 'Save as default'
    Note: Options vary by report type

For assistance with PAO sign in or functionality, please eCustomer Care.