Passport Advantage Online for Resellers provides secure sign in access to Site-specific Passport Advantage information, tools and applications to place orders, create quotes, download price files, generate reports and manage contacts.

If you are an authorized Passport Advantage Online Value Added Distributor Reseller, IBM Business Partner sign in now

New to PAO? Take a tour

Take 3 minutes to explore Passport Advantage Online for Resellers.

Click for a list of all that you can see and do within your IBM Passport Advantage Site

  • Access Online ordering (eorder), Partner Guided Selling, and Proposal Quote and Order
  • Download price files for software and SaaS/Monthly license parts. You may choose to download: (1) current pricing (2) current and future pricing (3) future pricing
  • View  and generate reports based on your transactional relationships ONLY
    • Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customer information and generate reports of customer activity based on your sales relationship. You can search by Customer Agreement or Site number, Customer attributes including customer name, country/region, enrollment type and anniversary.
    • Active renewal line items by date, Agreement number, Quote number and by Site name.
    • Committed Term License  active renewal line items
    • End-user customer reports
    • 180 day reports
    • SaaS fulfillment status
    • SaaS provisions forms / Data elements reporting
    • Suppressed Overage report
    • Contract renewal price notifications
    • Subscription license update

In addition to the tasks and tools listed above, the Site Primary Contact and, in some cases, Secondary Contacts can use Account Management to:

  • add and delete users
  • approve or reject access requests (self-nominations),
  • update user information
  • assign roles and grant use and tool privileges for Reporting, Online ordering, Proposal Quote and Order and Partner Guided Selling.

If do not yet have access to your PAO for Reseller Site, you will need to request access before you can sign in.

To learn how, watch the 2:40 minute video.

Or, if you prefer, click to learn how to sign in or request access to an IBM Passport Advantage for Resellers site

  1. Click the 'Request Access' button to the left.
  2. Enter your IBM ID and PW 
    Note: If you do not yet have an IBM ID and PW, you will be prompt to create one. Once your ID is registered in IBM’s systems, when you click Sign again you will be prompted to complete an Authorization Form or a Self-Nomination Form.
  3. Supply the requested information
    • Enter your Site Number 
      Note: Site Numbers are available in most PA Agreement and transaction documents
    • Check the appropriate box under the ‘I believe I am the Primary Contact for this Site. If you are not the Primary Contact, check NO. Your request for access will be routed to your Site Primary for processing and approval.
  4. When you receive an email letting you know that your Request for Access has been approved, simply Sign again .

If you need assistance, reach out to eCustomer Care team.

Run reports

Learn how you can use your Passport Advantage Online for Resellers Site to

  • pull active renewal line-item data
  • generate renewal quotes for your customers
  • download high-level and detailed reports that can help you stay on top of your upcoming renewals

Learn how you can use capabilities within your PAO Site to generate summary and detailed order history reports for all of your Passport Advantage / Passport Advantage Express and Cloud Services Customers by

  1. Customer Agreement and Site #
  2. Customer attributes Notifications’ menu

Data to help you

  • understand your customers’ inventory, transaction history
  • prepare and close upcoming renewals
  • discover additional sales opportunities
  • assist your clients with software asset management and deployments