A natural stage in the IBM Software Support Lifecycle, End of support marks the 'official' withdrawal of technical support for specific versions and releases of software products.


End of support dates are generally effective on 30 April and 30 September and are subject to change.

Once a specific version or release reaches end of support (EoS), you may find that access to entitled technical support is no longer available.

Take Action

If a version or release of your software is approaching 'End of support' (EoS), you have options:

Start by reviewing upcoming End of Support announcement letters & dates. *Note: Always confirm dates by visiting the IBM Support Lifecycle site.

Make a plan.

Your best option is to use your IBM Software Subscription and Support benefits to download a newer version or release before the impending EoS date. Learn how. 

If for any reason, you are not able to download a newer VRM before the VRM you are running reaches its EoS date or no newer VRM is available for download, connect with your Renewal Rep, preferred IBM Business Partner, or IBM Sales Rep to explore one or more of the following options. 

  • Trade-up, upgrade or migration to a Cloud Pak, Suite, Hybrid (container-based) or SaaS offering.
  • IBM Extended Support, giving you more time to download a newer VRM: 
    • Year 1 of Extended Support (Initial Extended Support) includes support access for usage, existing and new critical bug fixes.
    • 2-4 years of Extended Support (On-Going Extended Support) includes support access for usage and existing fixes only, no new security fixes.
  • Sustained Support for products that have been withdrawn from market and for which there are no new VRMs available for download. It provides:
    • up to 5 years of access to usage and known defect support.
    • It does NOT offer new development or security patches.