A natural stage in the IBM Software Support Lifecycle, End of support marks the 'official' withdrawal of technical support for specific versions and releases of software products.


End of support dates are generally effective on 30 April and 30 September. There are exceptions.

Once a specific version or release reaches end of support (sometimes called end of life), you may find that access to entitled technical support is no longer available.

Take Action

If a version or release of your software is approaching 'End of support', you have options

Start by reviewing upcoming End of Support announcement letters & dates. *Note: End of support dates are subject to change. Always confirm dates by visiting the IBM Software Support Lifecycle site.

Make a plan. You may decided to:

  1. Upgrade to a newer version or release. This is your best option. You not only maintain access to new fixes and feature packs, you can open support cases ensuring that if you do have an issue requiring immediate attention you can get it. [Learn how to upgrade using your IBM Software Subscription and Support entitlement]
  2. If available, purchase an IBM Software Support Service Extension. Sometimes referred to as Extended Support, Services Extensions are accommodations for Customers who are unable to migrate to a supported software product release within the time provided. They allow you to get product fixes and engage with IBM support professionals for use and defect support after your End of Support date is reached. They are NOT available for all products.
  3. If available, Acquire Continuing Support. With Continuing Support you get support for i) routine, short duration installation and usage (how-to) questions and ii) code-related questions. IBM will also provide existing code patches and fixes. IBM will not develop or provide new patches or fixes.