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IBM Sustained Support

Add up to 5 additional years to your support coverage when your distributed software acquired through IBM Passport Advantage reaches End-of-Support for the last version.

IBM Sustained Support provides support for products that have been withdrawn from market and the last supported version or release has reached its end of support date.

  • Provides up to 5 years of support after End of Support of last version.
  • Support access for usage, and known defects, no new security patches. IBM strongly recommends that customer is on the latest version.
  • Sustained Support applies only to version/release(s) of the Program that were under active support at the time of the Program's withdrawal from market.
  • This is an IBM option for customers to be supported and migrate to an IBM platform instead of opting to either run unsupported state, seek out replacement software or use 3rd party software support vendors.
  • Keeps customers for life as we deliver usage and known issues support using IBM Software products and assist in migrating to next generation technologies.
What's Provided
  • Support for routine Usage and How-to questions.
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Access to documentation, technical notes and other online product material.
  • Standard SLO’s apply (example 24x7 severity 1).
  • Unlimited number of technical support incidents.
  • IBM will also provide existing code patches and fixes.


Pricing & Ordering

For Extended and Sustained Support assistance, please contact your Subscription and Annuity Representative.  You can also use the email addresses provided below for assistance:

Resources IBM Software Support Lifecycle IBM offers expanded support options for select software programs - Announcement Letter Passport Advantage IBM Software Subscription and Support Advanced Support Terms Extended and Sustained Support Terms
Sustained Support - Comparison with Base and Extended Support
S&S Extended Sustained
Lifecycle Phase Base Support End of Support for a Version/Release End of Support/End of Marketing of Last Version. The product is no longer commercially available, and all versions are no longer support under Base Support
Prerequisites Product License Active S&S or Sustained  Product License
Length of time 2/3/5 years based on Lifecycle 4 years 5 years
User need Provides Customer full support during the base support period Provides Customer additional time to migrate to a newer version of same product Provides clients an option for support instead of choosing to go unsupported and go to a competitor
Enhancements Yes No No
Unlimited Technical Support Case Access Yes Yes Yes
New Defect Support Yes Includes Critical Defect Support 1st year only.  No
Usage & How to Support Yes Yes Yes
New Security Fixes Yes Includes Critical Defect Support 1st year only No
Access to Existing Fixes in FixCentral Yes Yes Yes
Self-Help and Product Documentation Yes Yes Yes