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App Connect Enterprise 12 extends and enhances integration capabilities with automation, event-driven architectures, and cloud native technologies

Aspera Enterprise On Demand 1.0 delivers more flexibility with a powerful combination of high-speed, high-capacity streaming capabilities for single and multiple users

Aspera platform enhances Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server and IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint, adding features, improvements, and fixes

Case Manager V5.3.x revised software support discontinuance

CICS TX on Cloud 11.1 delivers an enhanced development and DevOps experience with an integrated COBOL compiler and Red Hat certified operators

Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime 4.0 can reduce the time and risk of moving IBM Cloud Foundry applications to Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime 4.1 offers enhanced support and security features for more seamless migration from Cloud Foundry applications to Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud Infrastructure Center 1.1.3 benefits include resizing and live migration for virtual machines

Cloud Pak for Applications 5.1 streamlines its programs portfolio to improve user experience and drive more effective results

Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.1 delivers a new cross Cloud Pak user experience for business automation developers

Cloud Pak for Data System delivers a factory-built, integrated rack system that easily expands as well as streamlines the ordering process

Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.4.1 delivers Extended Update Support for longer deployments

Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.1.1 adds new features, including automation capabilities

Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.2.1 adds new features, including automation, AI, and machine learning capabilities for testing as well as tracing and delivers additional storage option

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 2.2 and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 10.1.7 deliver additional support and enhancements for improved operational efficiencies

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 2.3 provides a robust set of features for cost management, governance, compliance, and infrastructure management that enhance the user experience

Cloud Pak for Network Automation 2.1 delivers standards-based, full-stack automation focused on virtualized Open Radio Access Networks

Cloud Pak for Security 1.5 helps you determine high priority threats, make better informed, risk-based decisions, and respond to incidents quicker

Cloud Pak for Security 1.6 is an open multicloud platform that helps security teams unify workflows, gain security insights, and streamline security operations; select IBM Resilient Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) programs renamed for improved alignment with IBM Security offerings

Cloud Pak for Security 1.7.1 platform includes IBM Security SOAR Playbook Designer and simplified ordering process with IBM Security Guardium and IBM Security Guardium Data Protection

Cloud Pak System delivers a turnkey integrated solution for IBM Cloud Pak offerings, including updated accelerators based on Red Hat OpenShift and an IBM Cloud based CLI for integrated hybrid cloud compatibility

IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 3.1 helps SREs and IT teams to maintain a high availability of applications and helps remediate and resolve incidents through automation

Cognos Analytics 11.2 brings enhanced capabilities, improved efficiency, and unified, consistent user experience; IBM Planning Analytics offers more flexible IBM TM1 database tier options

Communications Server for Data Center Deployment 7.1 delivers new features and updated support

Confluent Platform 6.1 for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides enhanced reliability, simplified operations, and improved visibility and control

Content Manager Enterprise Edition V8.6, IBM Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms V10.5, and IBM Content Manager OnDemand for i V7.4 offer a virtual processor core license option for improved ordering flexibility


DataPower Gateway Virtual Enterprise Edition combines the DataPower virtual gateway with additional modules and IBM DataPower Gateway Operations Dashboard to help improve monitoring and management

DB Enterprise Postgres with IBM 13.1 delivers new capabilities, improved security, better consistency, and enhanced data-loading partitioning features; IBM Data Replication now offers a committed term license option

Db2 Standard Edition options enable midrange database workloads to be run in Red Hat OpenShift containers; IBM Db2 Big SQL delivers a new nonproduction tradeup option

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Suite offers an integrated solution that helps teams define and deliver complex systems and software

Financial Crimes Insight and IBM Financial Crimes Insight Cartridge for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6.6 updates

GitLab Ultimate for IBM Cloud Paks is now available to IBM clients to extend their DevOps workflow

i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio accelerates investigation, analysis, and intelligence production with new collaborative capabilities, additional flexibility for data acquisition, improved performance, and wider deployment options

IBM Copy Services Manager 6.2.11 delivers replication management with simplified and automated replication tasks

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0.2 delivers enhancements that help teams define and deliver complex systems and software on time with high quality

IBM FHIR Server 1.0 enables healthcare data interoperability with a data integration pipeline built on open-source software, and including enterprise support and services

Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition Cartridge for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 14.10 and IBM Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition Modernization 14.10 help clients modernize to cloud-native architectures, accelerating hybrid multicloud deployment and enhancing IBM Cloud Pack for Data administration

InfoSphere Master Data Management 12.0 brings improved compliance support and capability to accelerate task resolution decisions with machine-learning assisted stewardship; IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management 7.0 and IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight 10.0 offer usability enhancements

InfoSphere QualityStage Address Verification Interface 10.6 enhancements provide an updated and modernized solution

Integration Designer V19.0.0.2 is declared a Long Term Support Release


Maximo Application Suite 8.3 expands portfolio to include IBM Maximo Assist and IBM Maximo Safety, adds license entitlement for IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Edge and IBM Maximo APM for Energy and Utilities, and continues enhancements of suite capabilities for asset lifecycle management

MQ 9.2.1, IBM MQ Appliance firmware, and IBM MQ on Cloud enhance the development and management experience of MQ messaging solutions and improve support for deployment of MQ in containers

MQ Appliance M2002 expands ordering options

Open Data for Industries Cartridge for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 2.0 delivers new services

OpenPages with Watson adds IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management to aid in compliance regulations, and features updates to standardized IBM Cloud Pak for Data cartridge naming

Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps simplify how organizations infuse predictive, data-driven insights into real-world decision-making and business operations

Rational ClearCase 9.1 and IBM Rational ClearQuest 9.1 deliver enterprise collaborative configuration management and change solution enhancements for software and systems development teams


Safer Payments 6.3 delivers an enhanced user interface and expanded capabilities

Security Guardium solution enhances support for subscription licenses, improving purchasing options flexibility

Security Guardium Data Encryption 5.0 expands to hybrid multicloud environments with a modernized encryption and key management platform

Security Verify Governance 10.0, formerly IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence, provides comprehensive Identity Governance and Administration capabilities; IBM Security Verify On-Premises 2.0, formerly IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance Suite, offers IBM FlexPoints licensing options for multiple programs in the IBM Security Verify portfolio

Security Verify Privilege On-Premises 10.9 offers subscription license ordering options for improved flexibility; IBM Security Directory Suite 8.0.1 offers trade-up option for upgrade to IBM Security Directory Suite Enterprise Edition

Spectrum Scale for IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) 5.1 delivers enhanced data storage management

SPSS Statistics 28 helps optimize business results with enriched statistical models, procedural advancements, and productivity improvements through ad hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, and predictive analytics

Sterling Partner Engagement Manager 6.1.1 delivers Resource Value Unit metric for more pricing flexibility

TRIRIGA Portfolio Data Manager 10.8, IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA), IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.8, and IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher 12.8 enhancements deliver improved space management and workplace experience capabilities

UrbanCode Velocity 2.2 enhances capabilities with focus on Pipeline view and adds DQL filtering; IBM Rational Solution for Test Automation 10.1.2 adds improvements to Mobile Native Testing and Service Virtualization

Virtual Storage Center 5.4.2 introduces naming and capacity updates

Watson AIOps 2.1 delivers additional data sources, a smaller footprint, and an improved user experience to help organizations accelerate the adoption of AI in IT

Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 1.2 enables developers to analyze IBM z/OS applications

WebSphere Automation for IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps 1.1 tracks and notifies clients of new security vulnerabilities for the WebSphere platform

WebSphere Hybrid Edition 5.0 gives organizations a full spectrum of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions

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