Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Sub-capacity licensing and ordering

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1. How will a customer be able to place an order for products eligible for sub-capacity licensing?

2. Does a customer still need to accept the sub-cap licensing terms prior to ordering licenses for sub-capacity deployment?

3. Does IBM have unique sub-capacity Passport Advantage part numbers? If so, do they also apply to S&S Renewal and Reinstatement P/Ns?

5. How can a customer obtain the IBM License Metric Tool?

6. Why does a customer have to order ILMT? Why can’t they just download it?

7. What is the part number used to order ILMT?

8. Why do I need to renew Software Subscription and Support for a no-charge product?

9. I am entitled to the IBM License Metric Tool via part number D561HLL but I am no longer able to download the latest code. Why?

10. Why, as a customer, do I have to issue a zero-dollar purchase order to obtain ILMT?

11. How is the IBM Metric Tool licensed?

12. Are there extra charges associated with a license acquisitions that leverage sub-capacity?

13. Can any Service Provider acquire ILMT, even if it is in support of an end-user who retains their PVU-based license(s)?