Now may be the perfect time to migrate some or all of your Passport Advantage Express entitlements to an existing Passport Advantage Site.

There are no minimum entry points required and once you migrate you start earning points towards volume discounts.

Migrate now and reap the benefits

One Agreement

  • makes it easier to predict and manage your new license and renewal costs
  • allows flexibility to link Passport Advantage Sites in a connected framework
  • aggregates points across Sites to help you earn higher volume discount levels faster

One Renewal Anniversary

  • simplifies the renewal process
  • provides an all-inclusive view of your renewals in a single quote
  • reduces the need to reconcile and process multiple renewals throughout the year– saving you administrative time, effort and expense

One Site or Multiple Sites

  • simplifies Site and license management
  • consolidates license views at a Site level for tracking and compliance
  • provides the advantage of aggregation under one Agreement, a Site view for account & access management, Proofs-of-Entitlements, and more

Choose the path that's right for you

If you already have a Passport Advantage Site and wish to migrate your Passport Advantage Express Site entitlements, request a License Transfer Request Form from your ibm renewal Rep or your authorized IBM Business Partner.

If you do not have a Passport Advantage Site or wish to create a new one, Enroll in Passport Advantage.

If you prefer, you may wait and talk with your ibm Rep or IBM Business Partner when you receive your next Passport Advantage Express renewal notification

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Migrate to Passport Advantage

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