Passport Advantage Express is transaction-based and designed for smaller and single-site enterprises.

With Passport
Advantage Express you get

Access to the same IBM Passport Advantage Eligible Product (EP) list (new software licenses, CEO Product Categories, IBM Appliances and Appliance Services, IBM Cloud Services and IBM Software Subscription and Support renewals), processes and tools without enrolling or a relationship agreement.

  • You purchase what you want when you want at current Suggested Volume Price (SVP).
  • You can spread Software Subscription and Support renewal costs throughout your budget year because due dates are based on transaction dates rather than a single ‘Anniversary’ date.
  • You always have the option to enroll in Passport Advantage and to migrate some or all your Passport Advantage Express entitlements to Passport Advantage to take advantage of RSVP pricing, Site consolidation and centralized account,  administrative, purchase & renewal management.