IBM offers you two distinct Agreements for ordering Eligible Products (EPs) from IBM.

  1. International Passport Advantage Agreement
  2. International Passport Advantage Express Agreement

About Passport Advantage Agreements

Passport Advantage is designed for larger enterprises which may have multiple Sites.

It requires that you complete and submit an International Passport Advantage Agreement Enrollment form.

Once enrolled, you can obtain better pricing over time based on your Relationship Suggested Volume Price (RSVP) level.

Enrolling in Passport Advantage

You may enroll online or enroll through an authorized IBM Business Partner.

Go to Online enrollment to learn more

Benefits of enrolling in Passport Advantage

One Agreement

One Renewal Anniversary

  • reducing the need to reconcile and process multiple renewals throughout the year– saving you administrative time, effort and expense

One Site

Better pricing

With Relationship Suggested Volume Pricing (RSVP), the more you buy, the more you save.

When you enroll in Passport Advantage, you earn points for all EPs (including CEO Product Categories,  IBM Appliances and Appliance Services, IBM Software as a Service (IBM SaaS) and IBM Software Subscription and Support renewals) ordered during a predefined Term. Those points are aggregated to help you attain a higher RSVP level

The initial Term commences with your first order after enrollment and continues until the last day of the twelfth full month thereafter (the Anniversary). During each Term

Note:  An SVP level is also calculated for each order, and is based on the point value for that order. If the SVP level for a particular order is higher than your current RSVP level, the SVP level will apply to that order.

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