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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about Sub-capacity licensing and IBM License Metric Tool. 

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1. Is IBM License Metric Tool mandatory for Sub-capacity licensing?

2. I already have a tool in place that provides the same information as IBM's tool, would IBM still insist that I use IBM License Metric Tool?

3. For a customer who qualifies for an IBM License Metric Tool exception and is doing manual tracking/reporting, what tools can the customer use to supplement manual efforts?

4. Is IBM License Metric Tool 'self-monitoring', in other words, like a 'set and forget' tool?

5. Does IBM require that customers report their Sub-capacity results each quarter similar to how SCRT is used for System z Software?

6. How long do customers have to install IBM License Metric Tool?

7. Does this mean I have to install IBM License Metric Tool in addition to the commercial version of IBM BigFix Inventory, Flexera One with IBM Observability IT Asset Management, or Flexera One IT Asset Management?

8. Does a customer who has a product such as WAS need to generate a report on all servers that have WAS?

9. If a customer has multiple instances or packages of a product running in a single partition, how are the PVUs counted?

10. What selection do I make under IBM's My Notifications in order to be notified when IMB License Metric Tool updates become available?

11. What should be IBM License Metric Tool's default reporting period?

13. Is it necessary to have IBM License Metric Tool on disaster recovery back-up servers to monitor the processor core capacity required for licensing terms?