Optimize your technology investments

The complexity of hybrid IT environments with software, hardware and cloud solutions from many vendors is becoming more and more challenging to manage. Flexera One with IBM® Observability is a comprehensive IT asset management and cloud optimization solution to help you maximize your IT investments and mitigate risk.

Visualize your entire estate from on-premises to SaaS to the cloud. Flexera One with IBM Observability contains all the features of Flexera One, with IBM support embedded. And you can also integrate with IBM Turbonomic® to automate license and resource optimization.



Optimize your license and resource management

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Leadership teams unite to improve ROI

Learn how the Flexera One with IBM Observability platform improves visibility and helps IT asset management (ITAM) and FinOps teams collaborate on their common goal of ROI of ITAM investments.

Introducing Select - Flexera One with IBM Observability

Discover the mechanics of Select - Flexera One with IBM Observability and understand why it stands as a powerful alternative to IBM's ILMT program.

Unlock the True Potential of IT Asset Management

Gain valuable insights and strategies for optimizing your customer's IT asset management program.

Automation strategies for IT talent shortage

Discover the five strategic recommendations and associated technologies that help create an environment where top tech talent thrives, allowing IT talent to be more efficient and scalable.

IT asset management defined

Realize the importance of understanding the total cost of ownership and finding ways to optimize asset use when implementing ITAM.

Cost reduction tools for software licensing

Empower your organization to reduce management and licensing costs for IBM software with Select – Flexera One with IBM Observability.

Enhancing ServiceNow's ITSM Solution: How Flexera Makes it Better!

Explore how Flexera One's solutions can enhance ServiceNow's IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) offerings.

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