Industry solutions for SAP applications

Your enterprise processes have greatly benefited from the automation provided by SAP applications. Yet today’s competitive environment demands that enterprise processes not only be streamlined, but also adaptive — to changes in customer demand, ecosystem relationships and new business models. Modernizing SAP applications exposes enterprise data and processes to make change possible. Applying Industry solutions ensures that process change is right for your business.


Increase enterprise agility, adapting core processes to new business strategies.

Connect SAP applications with the rest of the business for greater insights to drive efficiency and improve customer value.

Provide more scalable, flexible and reliable SAP application operations.

Retail solutions for SAP applications

IBM helps retailers transform through roadmap development, solutions, infrastructure, research sciences, consulting and interactive user experience design — based on what consumers are demanding. Our experts can help you understand and engage with customers directly and in real time to create a synchronized, predictive value chain that delivers products within an exceptional online experience.

IBM Global Business Services offered the strongest local consulting resources and most comprehensive experience of retail deployments of SAP software.

Gürol Sungun, SAP Project Manager, CarrefourSA

Industrial products solutions for SAP applications

IBM helps manufacturing firms unleash SAP data and transactions, connecting with operations, product design and customer experience. Improve production throughput, asset uptime and supply chain visibility to make operations more predictive. Innovate product design and expand into services model with connected products. Rethink how your customers experience your products and services.

Energy and utility solutions for SAP applications

IBM solutions for SAP applications in the energy and utility industry are designed to help individuals and businesses manage power usage more intelligently and deliver power and analysis based on customer demands. IBM offers an advanced meter management solution for SAP applications that coordinates a seamless network, linking meter data with the back office.

Extracting greater value from data

Gain new insights for the oil and gas industry and high tech manufacturing from IBM and SAP.

Additional industry solutions


Learn how to deploy SAP  applications for materials management, production planning, materials requirement planning, finance and controlling, project management and quality assurance.

Consumer Products

Learn how to put the focus on your customers, to develop products faster, increase customer loyalty, manage trade promotions and more.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Combine IBM Blockchain technology with Industry solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences to make the cold chain more transparent, streamlining the process from manufacturing to delivery.

Case studies

Automotive: Leading US-based truck manufacturer

A leading truck manufacturer replaced its older systems and delivered actionable insight into production costs by implementing SAP S/4HANA.

Industrial Products: CTE heavy equipment firm

CTE moved to SAP S/4HANA to reduce manual administrative work, increase planning capabilities and improve management of diversified businesses.

Life Sciences: Granules India

IBM Services and SAP S/4HANA helped a global pharma manufacturer move to SAP S/4HANA and grow its portfolio in India and the US in six months.

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