In today’s market, successful businesses need to quickly respond to changing customer needs, interests and preferences. At the same time, retailer relationships need to be efficient and collaborative.

Consumer products solutions

IBM and SAP solutions for consumer products help you put the focus on your customers. You can develop products faster, shorten times to revenue and increase loyalty. Solutions include customer loyalty management, new product development, trade promotion management and more.

Why IBM?

The cross-brand industry strategy and cross-brand portfolio of solutions from IBM are engineered to meet the needs of consumer products clients. Our experts facilitate IBM Design Thinking to put the focus on user outcomes — exactly what consumer products businesses like yours need to succeed.

The transformation project is delivering tangible benefits to people at all levels in the business. As a result, C-level executives are delighted. IT staff are happy too, because other departments now view us as an innovative, forward-looking enabler of ambitious business strategies, rather than an overhead.

Sergio Colunga, CIO, Papel San Francisco

Case study

United Breweries: Finding the recipe for success with refreshingly rapid compliance reporting

Despite exploding data volumes, United Breweries is able to generate timely compliance reports. thanks to dramatically accelerated data analysis achieved by migrating SAP HANA to IBM Power Systems™ servers.

Educational resources


Advanced analytics are transforming the consumer products industry

View this infographic and find out how the adoption of analytics will grow as business functions demand more insight.

Executive summary

The New Voice of the CIO: Insights from the Global Chief Information Officer Study

After thousands of interviews, it was discovered that successful CIOs actually blend three pairs of roles. These dual roles seem contradictory, but they are actually complementary.


White paper

Smarter consumer products marketing: Understanding consumers, building brands

Consumers of all ages and in all parts of the world are swarming to social media. Understanding social media is no longer optional: it is imperative.

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