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The convergence of edge computing, IoT and AI is sparking a new era of enterprise-led transformation that is fundamentally changing how we work and how businesses operate.

Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where data is created by people, places and things—to enable faster insights and actions, reduce data exposure and maintain continuous operations. By 2025, 75% of enterprise data will be processed at the edge, compared to only 10% today.

IBM Services co-create, design and deploy edge-enabled IoT solutions powered by AI that can drive real-time contextual insights into operations to create self-learning and intelligent workflows at scale.

IoT consulting services overview

IBM Services bring together industry expertise, platform solutions, ecosystem partners and IBM Research to help build your IoT vision. Using exponential technologies such as IoT, drones, wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality, edge computing and AI, they are turning IoT insights into new business models, strategies and processes.

IoT consulting services

Production Optimization

Optimize plant performance and create a self-healing production process with AI and machine learning at edge.

Connected Manufacturing

Accelerate the journey to Industry 4.0 with AI-powered manufacturing, at scale.

Visual Insights

Extend computer vision with deep learning models to accelerate time to insights across the enterprise.

Asset Optimization

Turn to sensor data to detect and prevent equipment failure in real time.

Facilities Optimization

Digitize and reinvent all aspects of facilities to improve efficiency and occupant experience and lower energy costs.

MRO Inventory Optimization

Optimize your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory to help significantly cut inventory-related costs and reduce asset downtime.

Case studies


IBM and Sandvik are reinventing how their customers analyze and communicate data.


IBM and Inwido are helping increase energy conservation and home safety by making our homes smarter.


IBM and L’Oreal are taking on an Industry 4.0 transformation with the Internet of Things.

Region Skåne

IBM and Region Skåne are utilizing IoT platforms to improve patient experience in hospitals.

Educational resources


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IoT Solutions

Use the power of IBM Watson™ to help simplify, connect, manage, analyze and secure IoT devices and data.

IoT Systems Engineering

Tackle the challenges of connected product development with continuous engineering and lifecycle management solutions.

Watson IoT Platform

Harness the power of Watson to completely manage your IoT landscape and make better, even real-time, business decisions.

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