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Case studies Comparus GmBH

Learn how Comparus is using AI to achieve innovative process orchestration with a conversational “banking assistant.”

Avind Solutions

Learn how a research and development firm is using IBM watsonx Orchestrate to help reduce errors and alleviate operational burdens.


Learn how FloCareer is planning to expand its global team with responsible AI.

Sports Clips

This hair care franchise is aiming to grow its workforce by 30% and improve employee productivity and engagement using responsible AI and intelligent automation.


Using AI to achieve a measurable increase in employee learning satisfaction, IBM HR transforms learning event management with AI assistant, cHaRlie.


Using digital workers to automate data gathering, IBM® HR empowers human staff to devote more time to high-value tasks.

Tricon Steamship Agency, Inc

Discover how Tricon Steamship Agency, Inc is orchestrating efficient imports and exports with IBM watsonx


Read expert viewpoints on trending topics around business automation, human resources and more.

Empowering the digital-first business professional in the foundation model era

Learn how business professionals constantly seek innovative ways to streamline processes, enhance productivity and drive growth.

What is a knowledge worker and what do they do?

Learn how knowledge workers, typically those with advanced training and years of experience, have become a valuable asset for companies worldwide.

AI in recruitment

Build an efficient and effective recruitment process, especially relevant in tight or competitive job markets.

What is slow productivity?

Learn how the trend toward slow productivity for businesses and employees rethinks what productivity looks like and creates an environment where quality of work is emphasized over quantity of work.

How to improve employee experience (and your bottom line)

Learn how consistent employee experiences—the good and the bad—shape the overall culture of an organization.

Top 5 criteria for developers when adopting generative AI

Learn the many ways generative AI can revolutionize businesses and transform AI adoption for developers.

Digital Workers vs. Chatbots vs. Bots: What’s the Difference? Rebuild and Empower Your Workforce with Digital Labor Low-Code vs. No-Code: What’s the Difference? Digital Workers: 5 Best Practices for a People-First Approach to Adoption
Topics and webinars

Explore the concepts that enable IBM watsonx Orchestrate™ to streamline your work.

What are chatbots?

Learn about chatbots, which simulate human conversation to create better customer experiences.

What is natural language processing (NLP)?

Understand how natural language processing helps build machines that respond in the same way humans do.

What are large language models?

Learn how LLMs operate by leveraging deep learning techniques and vast amounts of textual data.

What is business process management (BPM)?

Learn about business process management and how it can help you automate, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

What is conversational artificial intelligence (CAI)?

Learn about conversational AI and how it helps organizations engage customers and deliver services.

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

Learn about robotic process automation, a form of business process automation technology that uses software robots to automate tasks performed by humans.

What is a digital worker?

Learn about digital workers and how they can help your workforce to achieve faster and better outcomes.

Generative AI for productivity, from employee experience to customer care

Tune in to hear IBM experts, partners, and clients discuss a practical approach to applying Generative AI and real use cases deployed today by IBM clients.

AI Empowered HR: Responsibility, ethics, and organizational readiness

Listen to experts as they decode the challenges and expectation in the HR function in the age of generative AI.

More topics to explore What is a workflow? What is AI ethics?

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System status

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Idea portal

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Product documentation and support

Dive deeper into IBM watsonx Orchestrate product details.

Developing for IBM watsonx Orchestrate

With IBM watsonx Orchestrate software development kit (SDK) you can develop custom skills to your digital worker.

Core concepts

Introduction to IBM watsonx Orchestrate fundamentals: how it works, how to create custom skills and the digital employee.

Creating skills from OpenAPI documents

A guide to importing skills into IBM watsonx Orchestrate with OpenAPI, and building and testing imported skills.

UI content best practices

Guidelines for building custom skills in IBM watsonx Orchestrate that will integrate seamlessly with the out-of-the-box content.

Tutorial 101: Building a skill

Using the "Hello world!" tutorial, you will learn the basics of creating and exporting skills to Orchestrate.

Tutorial 201: Building a more complex skill

The "Pet Store" tutorial teaches builders how to create and export more complex skills to Orchestrate for a wider array of use cases.

IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tutorial

The IBM RPA tutorial teaches you how to create an RPA bot and export that skill into Orchestrate.

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