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Using AI to rethink bank processes

Today’s requirements for providers and users of financial services solutions offer great opportunities for digitalization, standardization and automation. A universal bank in Germany, for example, relies on more than 1,200 processes to serve its customers and manage its operations. But with AI, banks and other businesses can completely rethink their processes.

Comparus has facilitated the digital transformation of banks for decades. Its use of a “banking assistant” for innovative process orchestration gives its customers the opportunity to meet the balancing act between standardization and the demand for individuality. Conversational AI also enables a new type of user experience.

Conversational banking as a new interaction model

As part of a minimal viable product (MVP) on new operating models for banks, Comparus used the IBM® Process Mining solution to measure the process portfolio of a representative group of more than 20 universal banks. Comparus analyzed the banks’ process events in terms of frequency, duration, effort and number of variants, and then identified the potential for optimization.

Comparus used solutions from the IBM watsonx AI and data platform for the optimization and impressively demonstrated the potential of the new type of orchestration based on the example of the banking process “issuing a power of attorney.” More than 30 function calls of the core banking process as well as other systems such as archives, form management, email and SMS dispatch were combined in a new way by using the natural language understanding capabilities of the IBM watsonx Assistant and the generative AI capabilities of IBM watsonx.ai.

Comparus’s own product, TiONA, demonstrated the possibilities of UI integration with this chatbot.

50% reduction in expenses 30% reduction in queries to the bank
AI models with special skills for interacting with people ensure a natural flow of conversation. This reduces the bank’s workload by more than 50%. Today we are on the way to becoming an autonomous bank. Dmitri Gamarnik CEO Comparus GmbH
Streamlining process control and integration

One Comparus customer, the universal bank in Germany, reported that the effort required for process control and interfaces within the bank declined significantly, and both employees and customers are able to use the process in the omnichannel. The overall effort in the bank has thus fallen by 50%—enabling the bank to counter the shortage of skilled staff.

The next step is to develop a proof of concept (POC) that focuses on the integration of services and back-end integration. In this scenario, the IBM watsonx Orchestrate solution takes on the central role of linking the customers, the processes, the systems involved and the data repositories.

Together with IBM, Comparus is developing a viable enterprise integration of watsonx Orchestrate and the watsonx.ai models involved in order to manage the regulatory and security requirements of the EU banking market.

About Comparus GmbH

Comparus (link resides outside of ibm.com) combines strategy consulting, innovative technology and software development. Alongside its customers, the company analyzes and discusses the various possibilities to enhance existing business models. To be successful, it optimizes, digitizes, transforms and implements using agile management methods.

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