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What is IBM® Process Mining?

Process mining helps businesses make faster, more informed decisions for process improvement through data-driven insights.

Gain complete process transparency using data from your business systems, such as ERP and CRM, pinpoint inefficiencies and prioritize automation by impact and expected ROI (PDF, 124 KB). Drive continuous process improvements by triggering corrective actions or generating RPA bots.

With this offering, clients can improve complex processes—achieving an 80% reduction in average lead time—to stay competitive, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Accelerate Your RPA Journey with IBM Process Mining Demo

Accelerate Your RPA Journey with IBM Process Mining Demo (05:29)

Process Mining and RPA: The Ultimate Automation Power Couple

Two-steps to automation can unlock untapped value for you.


G2 Crowd Award

IBM Process Mining wins G2 Crowd Winter Award.

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TrustRadius Awards

IBM Process Mining wins best Winter feature set, value for price, and relationship with TrustRadius.

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Use cases

Procure to pay

Procure to pay

Tackle maverick buying, eliminate inefficiencies and maximize cash discounts. Understand how your business is performing, optimize spend, and implement automation where it makes sense while reducing errors and improving productivity.

Order to cash

Order to cash

Ensure on-time delivery, plan for demand and unveil process inefficiencies. Analyze the customer journey, highlight process interdependencies, and reveal patterns in payment terms and runs for supplier invoices to control spend.

Accounts payable

Accounts payable

Identify bottlenecks (or delays) and non-compliant process behaviors with the help of conformance checking and root cause analysis. Ensure timely payments while driving down costs by identifying opportunities for early payment discounts and automation.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation

Realize the full potential of intelligent automation by coupling complementary AI and automation solutions with process mining to maximize the benefits of automation initiatives.

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding

Pinpoint the best practices across different onboarding process variants. Reduce overall process time through actionable automation recommendations like the processing of forms. Receive alerts when compliance guidelines aren’t met.

IT incident management

IT incident management

Identify bottlenecks in incident management processes and optimize incident assignments using actionable insights. Predict incidents that have a high chance of expected SLA or KPI breaches and alert relevant stakeholders in a timely manner.


Gain transparency

Screenshot illustrating gains in process transparency

Gain process transparency

Create unprecedented levels of transparency into the way your processes are being executed. Limit your reliance on human bias with data-driven, fact-based process intelligence.

Reveal inefficiencies

Screenshot illustrating revelation of inefficiencies

Reveal inefficiencies

Identify customer pain points, eliminate gaps or deviations in processes, and avoid excess spend to streamline your processes and boost the customer experience.

Trigger actions

Screenshot illustrating trigger action

Trigger actions

Maintain process health, prevent issues, and easily course-correct to reach goals.Use process insights to trigger corrective actions when specific business logic is met like KPI alerting users, overdue invoices activating payments, and more.

Manage compliance

Screenshot illustrating compliance management

Manage compliance

Monitor process execution, detect violations or bottlenecks, analyze the root causes and conduct fact-based compliance checks more efficiently to increase standardization.

Boost productivity

Screenshot illustrating increased productivity

Boost productivity

Eliminate repetitive work, remove unnecessary steps, and create automations where it makes most sense to reduce cycle times and boost employee satisfaction.

Accelerate digital transformation

Screenshot illustrating accelerated digital transformation

Accelerate digital transformation

Gain operational transparency, anticipate disruptions, and identify where processes need to be enhanced to improve decision-making and support the various stages of transformation.

Top features

As-is process model discovery

Access a fact-based process model with insights from stakeholders and data sources into how your business is working.

Automated RPA generation

Identify automation opportunities, prioritize by impact and expected ROI, and fast-track implementation with automated RPA bot generation.

AI-powered process simulations

Predict the impact and ROI of change initiatives and identify potential operational risks before making investments by performing what-if analyses.

Conformance checking with root cause analysis

Analyze non-conformant cases to identify the root causes of deviations, stakeholders involved and impacts on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Seamless user experience

Integrate with hundreds of sources including SAP, Oracle and more. Deploy anywhere and customize dashboards with a low-code/no-code platform.

Desktop user interactions recording

Enhance process analyses with task mining for a holistic view into processes and tasks. Reach process transparency to make key decisions.

Get more capabilities

Get IBM Process Mining as part of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation

Make bold moves in automation and solve your toughest operational challenges


Pictograph showing rhombus with lines

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation includes AI-powered capabilities, a common UI, low-code tools.


Pictograph showing hexagon made up of lines and circles

Get task automation, workflow orchestration, decisions management, content services and more.


Pictograph showing two circles inside of a larger circle

It’s a modular and easy-to-consume pricing approach, so you only pay for what you need.

Complementary products


Identify where RPA will provide the biggest benefit and simulate the impact on your business processes and stakeholders before investments are carried out using IBM Process Mining.

IBM Blueworks Live

Check the conformance of IBM Blueworks Live process models and enhance them with data on bottlenecks, deviations and performance using IBM Process Mining. Test model improvements with process simulation and implement the best changes.

IBM Business Automation Workflow

Use process insights from IBM Process Mining to improve IBM Business Automation Workflows. Get a streamlined view of your actual processes to uncover inefficiencies and the root causes behind them.