Sustainable Procurement Process Application
Master purpose-driven procurement with sustainable practices
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Transform the procurement function to a best-in-class level with a better sustainability posture

The Sustainable Procurement process application from IBM Consulting™ uses the IBM Process Excellence (PEX) Value Triangle framework to improve profitability and develop purpose-driven procurement functions in three vital areas: efficiency, compliance and experience. Track and measure performance enhancements in the purchasing process and provide key indicators such as lead time, rework rate, rush purchase orders, maverick buying, approval rate, tons of CO2 emissions and supplier sustainability ratings.

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Key features

Compare benchmark KPI performance Measure the current performance of important procurement KPIs such as cycle time, rework rate and maverick buying, as well as sustainability KPIs such as CO2 emissions and supplier sustainability ratings. Benchmark them against best-in-class practices and drive fact-based insights and actions to bridge performance gaps.
Boost productivity Support operational managers in boosting productivity and freeing up value-added time by analyzing manual reworks in the process across purchase order type, vendors or material groups. Pinpoint the fact-based, root causes behind decreased productivity and develop targeted strategies to take real-time actions.
Higher compliance and controlled spend Maverick buying analysis helps operational managers measure the percentage of purchases made without involving the procurement function, which can result in the loss of volume discounts and compliance issues. Identify the departments, materials and vendors involved in high maverick buying and the associated loss of value. Set up the right controls within the organization to mitigate maverick buying.

Better sustainability posture Help your organization monitor and control KPIs related to CO2 emissions and supplier sustainability ratings. Promote responsible spending and environmental best practices through detailed information on CO2 emissions and inter-company logistics.

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