Build better products faster

IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator allows you to deliver optimal solutions — at lower cost and more quickly — as you build products, thanks to scalable methods that attack real-world problems. You can ensure better business outcomes and increase the productivity of your experimental infrastructure without adding specialized data scientists.


Fast innovation

Get to a result faster with easy, quick initial integration and methods that require fewer starting inputs and scale in parallel to attack real-world problems instead of just academic ones.

Superior results

Deliver the optimal solutions to design problems — ensuring better business outcomes — with traceable methods that require no prior data, avoiding bias.

Fewer resources

Drive cost savings via tools that can be applied without specialized skills and make existing infrastructure more efficient, keeping costs down while still responding to business needs.

Key features of IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator

  • Task parallelization
  • Scale to orders of magnitude more dimensions
  • Determine design points with fewer samples
  • Ensure traceability
  • Easy to add to existing clusters
  • Improved throughput