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Whether you are considering SAP HANA or the next-generation s/4hana, IBM® Power® on-premises and cloud-based servers—built to run mission-critical applications—help accelerate your ERP and application deployments, and help maximize the impact they can have on your data management, data integration, automation and business processes.

The key to IT efficiency and business continuity is a platform that integrates with your current infrastructure while simultaneously supporting digital transformation. IBM Power servers are purpose built for data-intensive applications such as SAP HANA that require large amounts of in-memory computing but still let you maintain the high availability and flexibility required for your hybrid cloud.

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Organizations big and small need reliability and security when running their SAP HANA workloads. While IBM’s reliability and security may not surprise you, its sample pricing might.

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Benefits Explore the benefits and ROI of SAP HANA on IBM Power—giving you faster provisioning, affordable scaling and increased uptime. Provision faster

Dynamically accommodate changes to your SAP HANA platform resources, depending on your changing business needs.

Scale affordably

Optimize processor utilization and data processing with shared-pool support for your production SAP HANA database.

Maximize uptime

Reduce planned downtime with Virtual Persistent Memory, which gets your infrastructure up and running faster.

Improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) inferencing and machine learning

IBM Power supports your goal of becoming an intelligent enterprise by integrating mission-critical data sources that run on IBM Power to downstream AI platforms, such as a data fabric or lakehouse. This allows for inferencing and machine learning or fine-tuning training on IBM Power with an in-core AI acceleration, large memory capacity (beyond limited GPU memory) and optimized AI libraries.

Strengthen SAP data protection

Protect critical data and applications from cyberthreats with end-to-end security, including new and transparent in-memory encryption with no performance impact.


Supports Linux-based SAP HANA workloads IBM Power L1022 With the IBM Power L1022 scale-out server, you get a flexible, two-socket, 2U Power10 processor-based server system that’s optimized for running your Linux®-based workloads, such as SAP HANA. Read the data sheet Explore IBM Power S1022
Reliable environment for SAP HANA IBM Power L1024 Advanced recovery, diagnostic capabilities and an open memory interface (OMI) make the IBM Power L1024 scale-out server one of the most reliable server platforms for maximizing uptime of your SAP HANA deployments. Read the data sheet Explore IBM Power S1024
Midrange SAP system IBM Power E1050 An agile, high-performance, four-socket scale-up server that’s ideal for SAP HANA hybrid cloud deployments—featuring built-in virtualization and flexible capacity. Explore IBM Power E1050

Run SAP workloads IBM Power E1080 Industry-leading performance, scalability, resiliency and flexibility with the latest Power10 servers can help you meet all the needs of your data-intensive SAP workloads. Explore IBM Power E1080

Making migrations easier IBM Power Virtual Server SAP customers can now enjoy the flexibility of IBM’s SAP-certified Infrastructure-as-a-Service Power Virtual Server, an enterprise cloud environment, to accelerate their migration. Explore IBM Power Virtual Server

Case studies Bosch

Learn how Bosch delivers performance gains of up to 75% while cutting energy consumption by 20% using IBM Power10 servers.

Coop Group

Learn how Coop Group optimizes product assortment across a growing retail footprint to minimize food waste with IBM Power®, SAP and SUSE.


Ecogas deploys SAP HANA 2.0 in a hybrid environment based on IBM Power10 servers, extending high-quality digital services to over one million people “Moving to SAP HANA 2.0 on IBM Power10 played a key role in allowing Ecogas to maintain high service levels throughout the pandemic. In fact, around 80% of our customers now use digital channels as their primary touchpoint—all enabled by our IBM and SAP solutions.” Pablo Contreras Infrastructure and Telecommunications Leader, Ecogas

Audi AG

“When we started our transformation journey with SAP HANA, we teamed up with IBM and SAP to develop best practices for the IBM Power Systems platform and facilitate the certification of this solution architecture. From our first proof of concept until today, we have benefited enormously from the optimized and fine-tuned configuration of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.”


Home appliance specialist Electrolux moved its mission-critical SAP HANA® solutions to high-performance IBM® Power® Systems and IBM FlashSystem® storage and saw a 30% reduction in costs.

Mondi Group

In partnership with IBM, Mondi converted 40 factories across 15 countries to the SAP S/4Hana platform - “and the move went perfectly” according to the CIO.

“Moving to SAP HANA 2.0 on IBM Power10 played a key role in allowing Ecogas to maintain high service levels throughout the pandemic. In fact, around 80% of our customers now use digital channels as their primary touchpoint—all enabled by our IBM and SAP solutions.”

Pablo Contreras
Infrastructure and Telecommunications Leader

Resources What’s next for IBM Power and SAP HANA?

Learn more about scalability for SAP HANA on IBM Power—and what’s to come.

Virtualization and cloud management for SAP HANA

Build private-cloud capabilities on IBM Power to improve administrator productivity, while further integrating and simplifying SAP HANA deployments.

SAP HANA on IBM Power Virtual Servers

Review options for running SAP/HANA on PowerVS servers and scenarios for installation and migration.

SAP HANA help and support

Find out how to get the assistance you need for SAP HANA on IBM Power Virtual Servers.

IBM Insights on SAP

Learn how SAP enables the cognitive enterprise through a business technology platform, an intelligent suite of applications and holistic management capabilities.

What is SAP HANA?

Discover more about the fast and powerful in-memory database that provides real-time, multi-model data analytics.

RISE with SAP, premium supplier option

The RISE with SAP, premium supplier option with IBM Power provides clients with world-class service, leveraging a unique delivery approach with a focus on strategic outcomes and unlocking exponential value.

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Technology Lifecycle Services for SAP HANA on IBM Power

Need help troubleshooting any issues you may be having? IBM Technology Lifecycle Services provides support and services for SAP HANA on IBM Power across the solution lifecycle.

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