IBM Power S1024
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IBM Power S1024
Combining AI with Trusted Data on IBM Power to Fuel Business Outcomes

The IBM® Power® S1024 is a 4U rack server in the IBM Power portfolio. The S1024 supports up to 48 Power10 processor cores and up to 8 TB memory, and is designed to run AIX®IBM i and Linux®.

Get superior price performance for your business-critical workloads. The IBM Power S1024 can consolidate workloads on fewer servers with double the cores of IBM POWER9® based servers.

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Benefits Application performance

Get up to 33% more performance per core and 3X more performance compared to IBM Power S924.¹

Infrastructure costs

Reduce your physical data center footprint and lower cooling and electrical costs.

Security from core to cloud

Employ memory encryption at processor level for security across hybrid cloud without impacting app performance.

Industry-leading RAS

Increase uptime and availability of business-critical apps by implementing Active Memory Mirroring.

AI inferencing

Run AI inferencing on the same system as data for improved performance of models and lower latency.

Flexible consumption models

Optimize IT spend and budget planning by paying only for what you need.

Features More cores per system

Co-locate workloads on fewer servers and increase system utilization with 2.5X more cores per system.¹

Flexible consumption

Get cloud-like economics on premises with usage-based metering across systems.

Active Memory Mirroring

Increase uptime and improve availability and reliability with Active Memory Mirroring.

More memory bandwidth

Harness 2.4X more memory bandwidth compared to IBM Power S924.¹

Matrix Math Acceleration

Employ four Matrix Math Accelerators per core for faster AI inferencing at the point of data.

Use cases


Get faster provisioning, affordable scaling and maximum uptime for SAP HANA workloads.

Explore IBM Power for SAP HANA

Oracle Database on IBM Power

Lower software licensing costs by consolidating Oracle® workloads on fewer servers and cores.

Explore IBM Power for Oracle Database


Run business-critical applications on IBM i and pay only for what you need.

Explore IBM i

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Build a data fabric connecting siloed data distributed across a hybrid cloud landscape.

Explore IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Healthcare applications

Run FHIR-standard healthcare applications on IBM Power with maximum uptime and reliability.

Explore IBM Power solutions for healthcare

Open source databases

Employ IBM Power for the ideal platform for open source databases like MongoDB and EnterpriseDB.

Explore open source databases

IBM Power software

IBM Virtual Hardware Management Console (vHMC)

IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) is used to configure and control one or more Power servers. The console delivers a virtual appliance format for increased deployment flexibility.

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IBM PowerSC is a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power servers running AIX, IBM i or Linux. PowerSC sits on top of the IBM Power server stack, integrating security features built at different layers.

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IBM PowerVC is an advanced virtualization and cloud management offering. Built on OpenStack, it provides simplified virtualization management and cloud deployments for IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on IBM Power.

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1 Based on IBM internal performance testing in the lab. A full performance report that can be found here.