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Three-quarters view of an IBM Power S1012 server

The IBM® Power® S1012 is the edge-level server of the IBM Power portfolio. It is a 1-socket, half-wide Power10 processor-based system designed for both edge computing and core business workloads. It is available in a 2U rack-mounted or tower chassis form factor.

Improve IT economics and scale-out efficiently. With the IBM Power S1012, you can reduce IT footprint for business-critical applications and run transactional AI at the edge close to data.

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Benefits Reduce IT footprint

Reduce space allocated to IT footprint in locations that have limited space or infrastructure.

Increase application performance

Up to 3x more performance per core compared to previous generations. 1

Improve security

Secure the data and insights in and outside of the data center.

Run AI inferencing workloads at the edge

Improve performance of models and lower latency by running AI inferencing at the point of data.

Lower IT costs

Reduce infrastructure expenses by lowering cooling and electrical costs.

Industry-leading RAS

Increase uptime and availability of business-critical workloads and applications.

Features Half-wide design

Up to 75% IT footprint reduction for business-critical workloads.

1, 4, or 8 processor cores

Improve IT economics and reduce costs.

Embedded AI acceleration

Benefit from four Matrix Math Accelerators per core for faster AI inferencing at the point of data.

Transparent memory encryption

Secure data and insights in and out of AI models running locally and prevent data leaks.  

Concurrent maintenance

Improve RAS by avoiding systems outages.

Rack or tower form factor

Optimize space in the data center and run workloads at the edge in remote office and back-office locations.

Use cases IBM i

Reduce IT footprint for business-critical applications on IBM i by up to 75%.

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Edge/Remote AI Inferencing

Run transactional AI workloads in remote office and back-office locations outside main data centers.

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The IBM i platform is designed to adapt to the everh-changing needs of business. The integration represented by the "i" can help you gain more value from advanced technology with fewer resources and higher reliability.

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1. Based on the CPW Benchmark results for 1-core of 29,000 on Power S1012 compared to 9,360 on Power S812.