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What is ISMAP?

The Information System Security Management and Assessment Program (ISMAP) is a
Japanese government program to assess the security of public cloud service providers (CSP). ISMAP approves independent third-party auditors who evaluate and register CSPs and their services to ensure they meet specific security requirements set by the Japanese government, enabling agency usage without the added burden and cost of agency-led assessments.

Reports and other documentation
View the IBM Cloud IaaS and PaaS registration listed on the ISMAP website. (Listing is in Japanese and resides outside ibm.com.)

IBM position

IBM Cloud IaaS, PaaS and VPC were certified for ISMAP by an independent, third-party and certified auditor. The IBM Cloud ISMAP certification helps Japanese government agencies leverage IBM Cloud workloads while meeting security requirements.

IBM Service Descriptions (SD) indicate if a given offering has achieved and maintains ISMAP compliance status. Services below are assessed each year by an independent third-party auditor.

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