IBM Cloud Container Registry
A private registry to detect vulnerabilities in images
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Container Registry
Store and distribute container images in a fully managed private registry. Push private images to conveniently run them in the IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service and other runtime environments. Images are checked for security issues so you can make informed decisions about your deployments. Create a repository

How it’s used

Manage your images Install the IBM Cloud Container Registry CLI to use the command line to manage your name spaces and Docker images in the IBM Cloud® private registry. See the documentation

Monitor security of images View information about potential vulnerabilities and the security of images in the IBM Cloud Container Registry public and private repositories with the IBM Cloud console. See the documentation

Multi-tenant. Highly available. Scalable and encrypted. Image security compliance with Vulnerability Advisor

Vulnerability Advisor provides recommendations that are specific to the operating system to fix potential vulnerabilities and protect your containers from being compromised.


The image registry is pre-integrated with IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service and Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® to accelerate deployment of your applications.


Fine-grained access controls are available to users within your IBM Cloud® account, together with support for cryptographic image integrity verification by using Red Hat® signatures.

Push and Pull images with industry standard tools

IBM Cloud® Container Registry supports the Open Container Initiative - OCI ( link resides outside distribution specification so that you can use common tools such as Docker and Skopeo to interact with your images.

Manage images with retention policies

Manage your costs with automated retention policies to keep only the images that you need and delete old or outdated images.

Highly available and scalable private registry

Set up your own image namespace in a multi-tenant, highly available, scalable, encrypted private registry that is hosted and managed by IBM.

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